Saturday, 16 August 2008

One of those days

Saturday 16 August

As well as things have been going lately, there are still plenty of days that leave you wondering why you bother and today was one of those.

Tipping Legends had 5 selections today, the highlight of which was Tajneed which just held on to win the Great St Wilfrid Stakes at Ripon at 10/1. The fact I won £1000 on the race and was still behind at that point will tell you what sort of day it was.

The other four selections were Alexandors unplaced, Aye Aye Digby (e/w) finished 4th, Witchry (e/w 4 places) finished 5th, and Sleepy Hollow - a remote second.

Isiris had given out a main account bet on Peppertree Lane yesterday, showed up well for a long way until fading in the last three furlongs before eventually finishing last. Their other bet was a win bet on Waffle - finished second, so another expensive day for Isiris backers.

Maths had no account bets but liked Zowington in the grey horse handicap at Newmarket - also advised a saver on Secret Night but neither horse was sighted.

SLH had a win bet on Baodai at Bangor to minimum stakes, unplaced.

Finally the football was a tale of woe, just needed Brighton to hold on to their 1-0 lead and I would have come out with a profit on the day. The bet was Wycombe, Carlisle, Bradford and Brighton in 4 £25 trebles and a £25 acca. However they conceded an 86th minute penalty - the matched finished 1-1 and I won £76 on the bet instead of £950. My other football bets both lost to cap a miserable day.

Loss on day £650

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