Saturday, 9 August 2008

Profit and Loss Analysis

Had a few minutes spare tonight so thought I would analyse the profit / loss figures on each of the services I use or have used so far in 2008.

Isiris Main Line +4226
SLH (Private/Premium/AW) +3824
Optimum Racing +1416 (includes Jan 2008, and then from 25/04/08 to date)
Tipping Legends +6512 (from 1 July 2008 !!)
Mathematician +2158
Mark Holder -638 (until 09/02/08)
Henry Rix -1625 (until 14/03/08)
Isiris Mark Your Card -1840 (from 10/04/08 - 05/06/08)
Blue Sky Racing -3594 (from 25/04/08 - 19/07/08)
Other *** +806

2008 Profit to date 11,245

*** Other includes Paul Jones Cheltenham advices and ante-post service, other bets placed from information on the tipping lines and any bets placed not per the staking plans (eg doubles, accas etc), any bets I have laid off in running, plus all personal bets placed on football and other sports or events.

These are the profits I have achieved, and not profits which might be claimed by the services. Reasons for this are that I was on holiday or busy and so missed placing bets (eg missed two winning Isiris bets last week, but also several losers from other services), or if I have been unable to achieve the recommended prices.

Neither do the profits take account of any subscriptions paid during 2008, which are approximately £3600 (I will dig out the exact figures later - Optimum and SLH are paid up to the end of April next year).

An interesting exercise, and as I am only now following the first five services mentioned, then I look forward to good profits in the remainder of the year.

If anyone has any comments or questions please, leave a comment on the blog.

From my point of view, I need to start recording all the bets behind the "others" total - I made a very big profit from Paul Jones at the Cheltenham festival and it has been eroded by various other bets and trades I have placed during the year.

I only currently record advised bets on my spreadsheets but I do include other bets in my daily profit and loss figures. Need to ensure I know where this extra money is going and to plug any leaks where necessary.


Wil said...

i see you're a slh and maths subscriber as well, i have taken on these services over the last week and its interesting to see your profit levels for these two, i'll be following your blog with interest.

leonthefixer said...

Hi mate me again! Started to skim through the blog and saw this post - summed up what I have missed pretty well! Great to see you in a very good profitabel position and with the trimming down of the services I hope it becomes even more profitable.

Long may your wins continue!