Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Similar to Yesterday

Tuesday 12 August

Those Tipping Legends just go from strength to strength. Suppose if you're going to give yourself a name like that then you better make sure you're the business.

Just one horse from them today, Murrin in the 5.0 Lingfield - winning at an advised price of 7/1. 13/2 was the best I could do because I was stuck at work, but another £650 profit from the legends.

However all their good work was undone. SLH's all weather service gave out Aggravation in the same race, finished unplaced.

Isiris played in the three runner race at Nottingham, went against the odds on favourite with Pergamon. Got the fav beaten no problem, but Canwinn the outsider of three did for the pair of them and I dropped another £400.

Added to which, my poor start to the football season continued and I dropped another £270. Think I need to just tone the footy bets down a bit for the next couple of weeks until things have settled down - however had Watford not scored in the 89th minute I would have made a profit !

Bit annoyed tonight really, had a couple of nice winners Monday and Tuesday and yet I'm £470 behind. Nothing to worry about of course, but things have been going amazingly well lately and I want to keep it going.

I'm away on holiday again in three weeks, and this time I will miss out on over two weeks selections so I'd like to put some more cash in the bin before I go. See what happens tomorrow.

Loss on day £220

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