Tuesday, 19 August 2008

So much for a busy day

Tuesday 19 August

With the York card being abandoned early this morning, the action was cut right back with only two horses. Indeed for me, it was reduced to one as I got the Tipping Legends text at work, then forgot all about putting it on !! The horse was Heir To Be - advised each way at 12/1. By the time I got home and sorted myself out it was almost post time and the price was down to 11/2. Wasn't going to back it at that price, and watched the horse come in third to land the place money and a profit for those who were better organised than me today.

Got the SLH message OK and so one bet, one winner today with Flying Grey coming in at 2/1.

York off again tomorrow, and they're inspecting lunchtime to check prospects for the rest of the week. I live about 35 miles away and it's been dry for a few hours now but they do need some help and the weather forecast is mixed. Even looking at the possibility of racing on Saturday I read tonight.

Profit on day £300


Wil said...

I got it the other way round, got the TL place and forgot about the 5pm call back and missed the SLH tip. So you did better than me.

Still getting used to having to make phone calls, not a fan of that aspect of the service at all. But I'll get used to it, I'll probably stick an alarm on my phone to remind me.

I wonder how much he makes from the calls, personally I think I'd rather have emails and pay a bit more.

JP said...

Hi Wil,

Sorry to read you missed a winner yesterday.

To be honest, the phone calls don't bother me as Isiris and Optimum give out there selections that way, as do Mark Holder, Henry Rix etc who I've followed in the past. Mathametician also has a phoneline as well as the e-mails and website.

Easy to forget sometimes when you've got other things to do, and you miss a call but you will get in the habit of it. I have a minimum four calls per day to make, all at different times, and I have to organise myself to ensure I do the best with the prices etc, plus the Tipping Legends selections.

If you want SMS or e-mail tips, contact SLH and see if he can provide it. Maybe he will introduce it if there is a demand. I don't know how much if anything he makes from the phone calls as they aren't premium rate and he doesn't waffle on un-neccesarily in my experience.

All the best