Monday, 22 September 2008

Picking Up The Threads

Monday 22 September

Well I'm back in the real world now, after spending a mind blowing couple of weeks in Kenya / Tanzania.

Just about the most memorable holiday I've ever had for many reasons, and the come down since I got back home has been quite something.

Haven't had a bet yet since I got back, been busy catching up with friends and doing other things.

Really struggling with motivation to start all this again - managed to clear my head of some crap which has been troubling me for a while now, and I feel energised and positive to make one or two changes in my life. The lack of contact with the "normal" world for a couple of weeks has worked wonders for me.

In terms of this particular project, it doesn't look like I've missed a great deal in terms of profitability during the last three weeks.

Tipping Legends have been having a lean time of it so far in September, although a couple of double figure price winners in the last couple of days have helped things along a fair bit. Poor day on Monday though.

Isiris reported a loss of 20 points last week when I rang the weekly review on Sunday, indeed they are now some 70-80 points off the high point of the year back in March / April time.

Mathematician advised a couple of decent priced winners while I was away, and showed a good profit. SLH gave out a winner yesterday at 5/1 - which was his first bet of the week apparently, and I've no idea what Optimum have been up to.

First day back at work today, which was pretty underwhelming to be honest - although it wasn't too bad once I got back into it - still only got 10 days to go before my next break (the Arc weekend in Paris !!!).

Haven't had a bet all this month so far, and haven't missed it one little bit if I'm honest. Think I may even take a few more days out to work out the best way of taking this blog forward. The ups and downs of what I've been doing for the last year are pretty wearing at times - wins and losses of £1000 a day have become pretty common, especially in recent months and I'm once again at the stage of considering the staking plan, whether I trade the selections back, whether I back win only etc etc.

It's all up in the air at present, don't know the answer - time for a think.


emma said...

good to see thread back.
Just to keep you informed slh
had a few days off (4) to visit stables and meet contacts for the NH season which he thinks will be a very profitable one.
you only missed a couple of 2 point losers and the 1.5 e/w 5-1 winner .
Blue sky have come back a bit and gave a 20-1 winner plus a few others , but i still wont bet them.
hope you can keep the thread going
good luck emma

Graeme Dand said...

Hi JP.

Nice to have you back mate!

I can see why you'd struggle to get back to 9-5 after that holiday. Gambling wouldn't even cross my mind either tbh, so I guess you're just human!

Enjoy the break mate and take time to reflect. One great thing about horse-racing is that there is always another day....

You didn't miss much with me. Not had the best of luck but from what I gather, I'm in the mid division after my first month of 'tipping'. Not bad for a debut run. I should come on for it and improve for the outing!

I'll still win the St Leger as I'll be staying on when others are giving

Nice to have you back though.