Friday, 17 October 2008

The Past Week

Friday 17 October (after racing)

So I've been back a week and the scores on the doors show a loss of £195 since I resumed.

Decent day today with two winning account bets from Isiris - Dragon Eye (e/w) and Ring The Boss both winning at Cheltenham. This followed a 16/1 main account bet winner at Leicester on Tuesday (although this was a split stake bet), and showed a welcome return to form following a horrendous couple of days last Friday and Saturday when he lost 32 points - good time to come back eh ?!

SLH has had a good run from very few bets on his mainline - Seek The Truth (won 8/1), Safari Run e/w (2nd 14/1) and Tootsie Too e/w (won 11/2) were the only three bets during the week. His all weather team also gave out Duty Doctor (won 7/1) last Saturday although none of the advices since then have gone in.

Optimum has been quiet as well with just three losing bets given out on the week.

Mathematician had a winning account bet last Thursday on Tanley at 5/1 and has been fairly quiet since then, with a losing account bet on Peas In A Pod (also put up as an account bet by Isiris) which ran very badly yesterday at Great Leighs.

The Tipping Legends hadn't been doing much until today, when they advised a maximum bet on Font - a very easy winner at Cheltenham.

Finally, I've joined up with Graeme Dand (The Form Analyst), see link to blog on right. He managed to find a nice winner in Piscean at 9/1 last Friday but has been struggling a bit since then. However he had a decent start to the month while I was away and I look forward to him coming good again for the rest of October.

So plenty of bets for no reward, which is how it goes sometimes. Looking forward to a busy and hopefully profitable weekend.

Best of luck

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