Monday, 10 November 2008

Hitting The Wall

Monday 10 November

Hit the wall today, not in terms of the profits, but lost control of the bike today and spent the afternoon in casualty. Nothing broken, but a few bumps and bruises and very shaken up, and this is taking a while to type !!

For obvious reasons, never got to phone any of the tipsters - which was a shame as SLH managed to find Spinning (won 7/1) on his all weather line, and Malko De Beaumont (won 5/1 advised) and Nicozetto (won 7/1 advised) on his main line. Mathematician found Having A Ball (won 10/3 advised) and a loser. Tipping Legends and Isiris both gave out a loser. So an expensive accident for me, missed out on over £1200, but I really ain't bothered about that today.

Still Sergio managed to win the golf in a play off to net me £1000, less the losing bet on KJ Choi, to cheer me up a bit.

Profit on day £900

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