Friday, 14 November 2008

Isiris Run Comes To An End

Friday 14 November

Isiris gave an each way main account bet Lease Lend at Newcastle. Horse finished third to get most of the stake back, but the winning sequence stops at eight.

Elsewhere, Tipping Legends gave out Andytown at 5/1, a very impressive winner at an SP of 11/4. Nothing doing with their other three selections.

SLH a/w and Mathematician both put up Qaasi at Southwell - horse finishing unplaced.

Also Paul Jones is up and running again with his NH service, but nothing doing there today although Aggie's Lad would have been in the shake up had he not fallen two out.

Loss on day £105


JB said...

Can you post Paul Jones website and email contact, Id be interested in joining him

I remember him for brief association with Bluesky

JP said...

Hi jb,

You need to contact Weatherbys on 01933 304776, or e-mail