Sunday, 28 December 2008

Great Game This !!!

Sunday 28 December

A bad couple of days had seen the profit drop back below the 20K mark. However Exotic Dancer put things back on track today, as he was advised by three of my services. Just shows that you should never get too up or down emotionally with results as tomorrow is always another day and the daily P&L starts at 0. It's easier said than done, but I certainly deal with the swings much better than I did a year ago.

I missed the first Isiris bet because I was out for lunch with my Dad, and forgot to take my phone with me, believe it was an each way on Toby Belch at Leicester at about 3/1 so saved me £100 by missing it. However back in time to pick up the advice to back Exotic Dancer, so that was good :-)

Valedictory message on the Isiris line tonight from KB, and that might well be the last bets from them on the mainline. He's certainly closing down the service until at least the beginning of March and reckons there's a 25% chance he'll start up again. I hope he will - despite the problems of getting on, it's a fascinating service to follow and some of KB's ramblings are very entertaining, although you have to take some of what he says with large sackfuls of salt.

The two premium rate lines they operate will continue, they are voiced by other members of the team and so the info they receive will still be given out.

Tipping Legends had a good day, putting up Celticello at 16/1 - couldn't find any 16's but happy enough with 14/1 about my winner, could have been even better for them but Steve Drowne contrived to get Majehar beat in the last at Lingfield.

Had an interesting day on the football. Selected 5 draws - Coventry, Doncaster, Aldershot, Gillingham and Port Vale but cocked up the bet when I put it on and put Cov and Donny down as home wins instead. Put the bet on again with the 5 draws as I I planned.

Coventry and Donny both won, Gillingham drew, but there were late winners in the other two games (87mins and 91mins). Looked good for about two minutes and I was dreaming of a 4K pay out, but it wasn't to be. Will land on one eventually though !!

Bets Advised


Selection - Rapid City and Toby Belch in an each way double - 3rd (SP 2/1) and 3rd (SP 11/4)

The Form Analyst

Exotic Dancer 1pt e/w @ 5/1 - WON (SP 4/1)


Electric Warrior win bet @ 4/1 min - LOST (SP 9/2)

Tipping Legends

Exotic Dancer 1pt win @ 9/2 - WON (SP 4/1)
Sophocles 0.5 pts e/w @ 13/2 - LOST (SP 7/1)
Celticello 0.5 pts e/w @ 16/1 - WON (SP 10/1)
Majehar 2pts win @ 9/4 - 2ND (SP 9/4)


Main Account Bets

Toby Belch 4pts e/w @ 3/1 - 3RD (SP 11/4)
**missed the call on this, so am assuming this was the bet given out based on what KB said in his second message.

Exotic Dancer 4pts e/w @ 5/1 - WON (SP 4/1)

Bets Placed

Rapid City / Toby Belch £50 e/w dbl...............16
Exotic Dancer £80 win @ 5/1......................400
Electric Warrior £80 win @ 9/2...................(80)
Exotic Dancer £80 win @ 5/1......................400
Sophocles £75 win @ 13/2.........................(75)
Celticello £42 win @ 14/1........................588
Majehar £140 win @ 9/4..........................(140)
Exotic Dancer £80 win @ 9/2......................360
Cov/Don/Ald/Gill/PV - 5 draws - dbl/trb/acc.....(110)
Cov and Don win / Ald/Gill/PV draw dbl/trb/acc...128

Profit on day £1487

Profit year to date £20,790

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