Sunday, 7 December 2008

Tipping Legends - Birdie Golf Service

Another great week for the Tipping Legends golf service with Henrik Stenson winning the Nedbank Challenge by 9 shots to land another winner at 13/2.

They are now over 80 points in profit, which is amazing for a golf tipping service.

Tips are sent by e-mail and / text on Wednesday's before tournaments start. Much of their information comes direct from the Euro or US Tour via long serving and very experienced caddies.

The guys who run the service have been very supportive of my efforts on here, they like the honesty of my comments - and also it shows how good their service is !

They have been in touch to offer me 10 six month subscriptions to their service at £200 each (normal price is £245) for me to sell on.

I am going to sell these at £225, which gives me £25 for my trouble and a thank you from the guys, and a discount for you.

If anyone is interested, please leave a comment on the blog - including an e-mail address which of course I will not post, and we'll take things from there.

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