Saturday, 3 January 2009

The Curse of Each Way Betting

Saturday 3 January

Wasn't expecting too much action today once three jumps meetings failed to beat the freeze. However there were seven tips between three of my services, producing one winner and 4 fourth places which were advised each way 1/2/3 !! Happened to me so many times last year, so again feel vindicated in my decision to switch to backing win only.

Won £7.50 today, which won't exactly change my life, but on a very uninspiring day I'll take anything positive. Didn't bother with the football today. Not too keen on betting on the FA Cup these days, and with matches being called off throughout the morning I decided to pass.

Bets Advised

The Form Analyst

Pegasus Again 0.5 pts e/w @ 11/2 - WON (SP 7/1)
Muktasb 0.5 pts e/w @ 11/2 - 4TH (SP 4/1)
Forest Dane 1pt win @ 6/1 - LOST (SP 11/2)
Mind Alert 0.5 pts e/w @ 15/2 - 4TH (SP 9/1)

Tipping Legends

Muktasb 1pt e/w @ 11/2 - 4TH (SP 4/1)


Whistledown win bet at 3/1 - LOST (SP 3/1)
Pevensey e/w bet at 7/1 - 4TH (SP 8/1)

Bets Placed

Pegasus Again £75 win @ 13/2..............487
Muktasb £80 win @ 11/2....................(80)
Forest Dane £80 win @ 11/2................(80)
Mind Alert £70 win @ 7/1..................(70)
Muktasb £80 win @ 11/2....................(80)
Whistledown £100 win @ 3/1...............(100)
Pevensey £70 win @ 7/1....................(70)

Profit on day £7


zpateluk said...

how much does it cost to subscribe to the services?

JP said...


See my post a couple of days ago "A Day Of Reckoning" which has full details of everything I've paid to this point.

All the best

Robert said...

Hi John!

I sent you email 2 days ago but I didn't get any response from you.
Could you be so kind and reply to my mail?
Thank you very much!


Phil said...

Hi John

Long time since I checked in with you, although I have kept track of the blog and I am glad to see everything is going well. Good luck for 2009!

I suffered the same fate as you with blue sky over the year, but SLH really stepped up in the second half of the year and Maths generated his usual steady profit contribution to make sure I ended up in profit on the year as well!

I have certainly been impressed with the output of Tipping Legends, I think some of the profits might be reinvested in their direction sometime soon. If ever you run short of services to trial, I can suggest a couple of others that I am subscribing to that are showing steady (if unspectacular) profits over the last six months or so.

All the best

JP said...

Hi Daniel,

Sent you a reply this afternoon.

Phil, Good to hear from you again. Glad to hear things have been going well.

Very pleased with the way things are going at present, despite what I am about to post re today !!!

Got a good mix of services now, but always keen to search out alternatives should the need arise.

SLH has certainly done very well recently and hope he returns refreshed from his holiday this week. When he might get some NH actions is another matter altogether.

Tipping Legends I rate very highly as you know, so keep an eye on results here or on their website if you fancy having a go.

Looking forward to seeing what Paul has up his sleeve for Cheltenham starting tomorrow.

All the best