Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A new service to check out

Recently I was contacted regarding a service and website at

I’ve had a look at the site, which is a mix of tips and systems bets – the service was launched in November last year and the results look pretty good.

They requested some exposure on my blog, and I’ve got no problem with doing that.

I’m not going to subscribe to the service because I’ve already got more than enough action from my existing services, but I will post a link to the site on the right, and will post their weekly results on here for the next few weeks so you can monitor their progress.

I have been receiving sample e-mails for the last few days, so I can verify the latest results quoted on their website are correct. Other than that I can’t comment any further on their services.

If you are interested then please mention my blog when you make contact.

I’m not getting anything from them for this – just been asked to give their service a bit of exposure to potential customers and I’m happy to do that on here.

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