Friday, 20 February 2009

Another Shocker

Friday 20 February

The tone for the day was set early today. I'd already had a loser at Sandown with Nike Walker advised at 9/2, drifting to an SP of 10/1 and finishing tailed off last.

However next up was the 1.50 at Warwick where SLH put up Vagrant Emperor at 3/1 - made a mess of the last and was getting back up as the line came, beaten a short head. Even better SLH had advised a lay of Clay Hollister up to 2.5 - which was the lay price when I got the race up on Betfair. Put in my lay, and didn't get matched - my lay sat there at the front of the queue but the price never came back and I wasn't going to chase it out.

The day followed the same depressing track of the last week or so, and in the end I've backed 8 losers and lost another £700.

Of course tomorrow starts again at zero, so here's hoping for a decent day at last.

Bets Advised

Tipping Legends

Joyrider 1pt win @ 9/2 - LOST (SP 11/4)
Nike Walker 1pt win @ 9/2 - LOST (SP 10/1)
Estate 1pt e/w @ 12/1 - LOST (SP 20/1)

The Form Analyst

The Wicketkeeper 1pt win @ 8/1 - LOST (SP 8/1)
Efforeta 1pt win @ 7/1 - LOST (SP 9/2)


Tuxedo win bet @ 9/4 - 3RD (SP 3/1)

SLH Private

Vagrant Emperor 3pts win @ 3/1 - 2ND (SP 5/2)
Darn Hot 1pt e/w @ 8/1 - LOST (SP 11/2)

SLH Exchange

Clay Hollister Lay 2pts up to 2.5

Bets Placed

Joyrider £100 win @ 9/2.................(100)
Nike Walker £100 win @ 5/1..............(100)
Estate £100 win @ 12/1..................(100)
The Wicketkeeper £50 win @ 8/1...........(50)
Efforeta £50 win @ 6/1...................(50)
Tuxedo £100 win @ 5/2...................(100)
Vagrant Emperor £100 win @ 3/1..........(100)
Darn Hot £100 win @ 8/1.................(100)

Loss on day £700


Phil said...

Hang in there JP - using similar services as you, I am gettimng hit just as hard, but they did not all become bad tipsters overnight, it will come good!

trigster said...

all the best through this run mate- hope you turn the corner quickly. i know you've changed your staking plan for a while now but any idea what your running total would be had you stuck with the advised staking? i.e. EW on certain selections

JP said...

Phil, we've got no choice but to hang in there and wait for it to turn. Best of luck to you.

Hi Trigster, looking at my latest p@l, if I were betting all services to £50 per point I would be showing a profit of about £1750, plus about another £1050 from the laying services of SLH and Maths and my own personal bets. They don't compare well at present as I'm on a losing run but the results for the last year or so have been analysed and it all stacks up that level stakes are the way to go. The only exception would be maths where I will bet his more on his account bets. If you want a look at the spreadsheets, put another comment on here with your e-mail address, which I won't publish and I will send them to you.