Friday, 27 February 2009

Best for a while

Friday 27 February

Been a while since I've posted a daily result as good as this, always a very good feeling, but particularly after the torrid spell I've endured this month.

Highlight of the day was Gala Evening, a 16/1 winner from Tipping Legends - only a half point each way on their staking plan, so I did well with that one. They also gave me a 3/1 winner with Very Cool, although I would have much preferred it if he had finished second to Optimum's selection South Bank (12/1), rather than the other way round.

SLH gave a winner and a second on his mainline, and two winners on his exchange service - not the best with the prices on these though, but his all weather bet was unplaced.

Bets Advised


Comadoir win bet @ 9/2 - LOST (SP 5/1)

Optimum Racing

South Bank 1pt e/w @ 12/1 - 2ND (SP 8/1)

SLH Private

Gouranga 2pts win @ 7/2 - WON (SP 3/1)
Sparkling Montjeu 1pt e/w @ 6/1 - 2ND (SP 6/1)

SLH Exchange

2.10 Newbury
Back According To Dick 1pt at min 3.0 - WON
Back Theophrastus 1pt at min 9.0 - LOST

4.0 Fakenham
Back Divine Gift 2pts at min 3.5 - WON
Back Kingham 2pts win at min 2.1 - LOST

Tipping Legends

Very Cool 2pts win @ 3/1 - WON (SP 11/4)
Alaghiraar 0.5 pts e/w @ 14/1 - LOST (SP 9/1)
Gala Evening 0.5 pts e/w @ 16/1 - WON (SP 16/1)
Marmooq 1pt win @ 6/1 - 2ND (SP 5/1)
Mongorno 2pts win @ 7/2 - 3RD (SP 9/4)

Bets Placed

Comadoir £100 win @ 5/1..................(100)
South Bank £100 win @ 12/1...............(100)
Gouranga £100 win @ 4/1...................400
Sparkling Montjeu £100 win @ 6/1.........(100)
According To Dick £50 back at 3.0.........100
Theophrastus £50 back at 9.34.............(50)
Divine Gift £100 back at 3.5..............250
Kingham £100 back at 2.12................(100)
Commission paid £2.45 + £7.35.............(10)
Very Cool £100 win @ 3/1..................300
Alaghiraar £100 win @ 16/1...............(100)
Gala Evening £100 win @ 16/1.............1600
Marmooq £100 win @ 16/1..................(100)
Mongorno £100 win @ 7/2..................(100)

Profit on day £1890


James Bond said...

Blimey sir! I bet that felt good after such a frustrating couple of weeks. JB

Tipster said...

Hi JP.

I've been watching your blog after stumbling upon it. There are just a few questions that spring to mind. Am I correct in thinking these results listed here are not your actual results (unless I have got it wrong) because you manage to get the "advised" odds all the time and also take profit at that price regardless of non runners etc? Also I would assume you take the Betfair Price because long term profitability will get you banned from most online bookmakers within a few months? My final thought is more a matter of curiosity, with all these expensive services wouldn't it be more efficient to use a reputable relay service? I apologize if these questions seem scrutinizing as that is certainly not what they are meant as. I admire your mind set and understand betting through the losing runs you mention would have anyone questioning why they are still gambling.

Tipster said...

Correction I just saw your personal bets underneath. Still do you find it hard to obtain the advised prices of these services? I know sometimes Best Odds can be worth it's wait in gold.

The Limited Risk Bettor said...

Nice work day ate up a lot of losses. Start of a real good run!

JP said...

Hi James, it doesn't do to get too carried away whichever way it happens to be going at a particular point. Having said that, it was a nightmare run and I'm pleased that I seem to have put a nail in it.

Tipster - as you've now realised I list the bets advised first and then what I managed to do with them underneath that.

I seem to be able to achieve the advised prices most of the time, or close enough to it.

I have accounts with just about all the bookmakers on oddschecker, plus I am quick !!

It's not always easy getting on via the internet though. I am regularly restricted when I ask for a bet, happens just about every day. Just do the best I can with it. Bet365 take my bets 99% of the time no problem, I know from looking elsewhere that this is not everyone's experience but they take mine, and so most of my bets are placed with them. Plus they pay best odds guaranteed.

Also I won't waste my time asking for anything from Betfred or Sportingbet as both these are joke firms who won't lay anything.

No doubt as time goes on, it will become more difficult and I will need to make other plans, but for the time being it works pretty well.

Wouldn't use a relay service, don't regard any of them as "reputable". How do you know you're getting the correct tips ? You get them after the subscribers have got them, and taken all the advised prices. If you were to go down that route then what you save in subs, you will lose in profits.

Hi LRB, let us hope so ! Thanks for your good wishes as always.