Monday, 16 February 2009

MOB Horseracing Results

Last week was clearly a struggle for most of the tipsters out there, as evidenced by the results of my services and also MOB Horseracing whose results I'm monitoring at the moment. This is their latest e-mail to me.....

Have had some problems with webserver and website this weekend, so bit behind with updating figures. Also knowing what was going to come out at the end probably made me not so keen to come to the final figure.

This past week has not been a pretty one particularly, its a fine line between profit and loss with three tasty prices this week finishing second (16/1 - 12/1 & 17/2),even just one of thos managing to win and we would be in a totally different situation

Not a great week, finishing 7.8 points down

The month now sits at 16.8 points down

Some good news however. You will have seen Corlough Mountain at 10's today. What a relief. Onwards and upwards


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