Monday, 2 February 2009

MOB Horseracing Tips

As you may recall, I was contacted by MOB Horseracing to ask for a bit of publicity about their service - there is a link to their site to the right.

Here are their latest results, as previously stated I'm not a member of this service, and so cannot verify these results. If anyone is interested - please visit their website from the link.

Level Stakes profit this week of +7 points - to £25 levels £175

Level Stakes Profit January/YTD +34.56 points - to £25 Level Stakes £864

** Just to add, I have been contacted again by MOB and they advise these profit figures are quoted to the Betfair SP - the results are available on their website which quote profit / losses to SP, advised prices etc **



Racing Enthusiast said...

Thanks JP,

Just to clarify the results reflect the MOB e-mail service which has been supplied daily and returns are to Betfair Sp. The January results in full are published on the news section of the site

James Bond said...

Hi JP, have been reading your blog for the past month and I find it a great way to compare the performance of some horse racing systems I created to the successful tipsters out there.

It's really good to see someone who is profiting above and beyond the considerable charges that are incurred from this type of investment opportunity.

I have also decided to start a blog to record some of my thought processes in trying to grow a small bank into a large one using a mechanical set of rules. I hope you find it an iteresting read yourself. Maybe you can add me to your blog roll. I have already added you to mine.

Cheers and good luck. JB.