Sunday, 22 February 2009

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Sorry to be reading about your torrid week JP, but you know you have the very best on your side, and this week will be just a blip. My first two weeks were torrid, but these things do level out over time, and this last 7 days has certainly got things back on track. Note I have been much speedier about the weekly maths.

Onto this weeks summary

If the first two weeks were dissapointing, this last week has left us with a smile as wide as something really wide.

The week started with a 10/1 winner Corlough mountain (12 on betfair), and finished with a 22/1 winner Eleaza (44.75 on betfair!!!!!!)

Stats for week ending 21st feb 2009 from MOB daily e-mail

19 tips - 5 proftable - 4 winners - 7 further places.

Returns for week to level 1 point stakes

Industry Sp +24.13 pts

Advised Prices +28.25 pts

Betfair Sp +49.44

The month of February is looking better now, after looking disastrous at the end of last week on the update.

Stats for February to date from MOB daily e-mail

42 tips - 8 profitable - 6 winners - a further 16 placed

Average price of tips 7.91/1 Av price of winners 7.79/1

Returns for Feb 09 to 1 point level stakes.

Industry Sp +6.21 pts

Advised Prices +10.33 pts

Betfair Sp +32.64

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