Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Running out of ways to say this

Tuesday 24 February

Well, you've guessed it - another losing day. The only winner given out was Chief Dan George at Catterick given on SLH's exchange service but even then that was only a bet to cover most of the stake on the main selection Great Approach, which finished second, and so still lost £28 on the race.

Elsewhere it was the same old story with another six losers as this dreadful run continues and takes losses in the last 13 days to £6220.

This run will come to an end eventually, although there's very little sign of it at the moment but it shows the importance of having a proper bank in place - I'll still be here and able to get back in profit when things turn around.

Will be playing on the football tonight - still picking my bet out, and will update tomorrow.

Bets Advised

The Form Analyst

Kercabellec 0.5 pts e/w @ 10/1 - LOST (SP 14/1)


Sands of Barra e/w bet @ 8/1 - LOST (SP 11/2)

Optimum Racing

Ya I Know 2pts e/w @ 15/2 - 3RD (SP 8/1)

SLH Private

Thedreamstillalive 3pts win @ 7/2 - LOST (SP 7/2)

SLH Exchange

4.10 Catterick
2pts on Great Approach @ 3.3 - 3.35 (min 3.2) - 2ND
1pt on Chief Dan George @ 2.4 (min 2.3) - WON

Tipping Legends

Kinfayre Boy 0.5 pts e/w @ 8/1 - LOST (SP 15/2)
Super Baby 1pt win @ 5/1 - LOST (SP 4/1)

Bets Placed

Kercabellec £50 win @ 10/1.................(50)
Sands of Barra £100 win @ 8/1.............(100)
Ya I Know £100 win @ 8/1..................(100)
Thedreamstillalive £100 win @ 7/2.........(100)
Great Approach Back £100 @ 3.25...........(100)
Chief Dan George £50 win @ 2.44.............72
Kinfayre Boy £100 win @ 8/1...............(100)
Super Baby £100 win @ 5/1.................(100)

Loss on day £578


The Limited Risk Bettor said...

Greetings JP,

You're current streak reminds me of a time in the 1980's when I lost 15 wagers in a row and finished second in 12 of them.

Keep thinking of the $$$$$$$$$$$that is comong your way when the wins arrive.

Changing days said...

Long losing runs are sick aren't they. But you're absolutely right (of course), a decent bank and sensible staking coupled with a winning system will win through in the end.

I find it still doesn't make those horrible streaks particularly easy to stomach though!

I started my own blog recently if you're interested to take a look. Not betting at your stakes yet but hopefully one day. It's http://winningafortune.blogspot.com

Good luck to you.

JP said...

thanks guys. Things will turn round again before long, and I'll be here to take advantage :-)

I'll link you both up from here, appreciate if you can do the same for me.

Best of luck