Thursday, 5 February 2009

Staking - Again !!

As I mentioned the other day, the staking is being reviewed again and as the results of each service have been analysed it is becoming clear that the staking plan I started with last November is not up to the job - far from it in one or two cases.

Still got a couple more sets of results to work through, but it's pretty clear that level stakes is the way to go from now on - so from now on £100 win bets on each will be the new stake.

There will be the odd variation with ante-post bets, each way doubles etc and these will be noted as I go along.

Hopefully this will be the catalyst to even better results going forward, and I'll be able to post a very special result come the end of this year - rather than a very good one !!!


James Bond said...

Hi JP what size (in points) is your bankroll? I was thinking you must be using at least 50 maybe even 100?


JP said...

Hi mate,

My bankroll for this project is £10,000 ( 100 points) although I have much more available if required. I have a second current account so my betting money is completely seperate from my day to day money needed for the bills etc. I fund the various internet bookies accounts from my second account and pay myself a "wage" each month from my betting money, as I only work part time.