Tuesday, 10 March 2009

11am Tuesday

The e-mails from Maths and The Form Analyst have arrived. 10 bets advised by Graeme, and 1 selection from Maths. However Maths has also gone through the card with his suggested bets and I'm playing £50 on each of his suggestions.

Got all the Paul Jones ante-post bets from the last few weeks, plus I've bet the selections from his overnight e-mails so a huge amount of bets placed already.

Still got the Tipping Legends e-mails to come, plus Optimum at 12.15 and SLH at 1.0 so there'll be a lot to come yet.

Currently typing out the selections race by race which will help me keep track and save me time later on today when I update the blog with all the results.

Not long now guys....

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