Tuesday, 10 March 2009


OK first race.

Don't want Cousin Vinny, although will get some of my bets refunded if he does win courtesy of the Paddy Power concession.

Red Moloney, Go Native and Shoreacres would be big winners, Torpichen and Medermit ok also, Ainama and Kempes would keep the losses to a minimum.

These are my bets

Torpichen £200 win @ 11/2 (BOG)
Red Moloney £100 win @ 12/1, £50 @ 15.5 on Betfair
Shoreacres £50 win @ 40/1
Ainama £50 e/w @ 12/1 ante post
Go Native £50 e/w @ 14/1 ante post
Go Native £150 win @ 12/1
Kempes £50 win @ 12/1
Cousin Vinny 50 place only @ 2.04
Medermit £100 win @ 14/1

Total Staked £950

Great start for me as Go Native wins at 12/1 from Medermit in second.

Winning bets advised by Paul Jones ante-post, Tipping Legends (who also gave the second) and Maths.

Profit on race £1975


Jacko said...

Nice start for you, JP! One of my services had Medermit, so I was close...

JP said...

cheers Jacko, Medermit ran well - thought he might get there for a stride or two. Long long way to go yet though.