Wednesday, 11 March 2009

5.15 The Bumper

Willie Mullins fields no fewer than eight of the 24 runners here in the last race of day two.

I'm on two of them with Gagewell Flyer the preferred option of his as far as I'm concerned. The jackpot horse here is Henry King, although I'll take any return to round off a good day.

Minimal stakes by my standards this week !!!


Quel Esprit £100 win @ 12/1
Gagewell Flyer £50 win @ 18.5 Betfair
Gagewell Flyer £100 win @ 14/1
Rite Of Passage £50 win @ 5/1
Rite Of Passage £50 win @ 9/2
Shinrock Paddy £50 win @ 14/1
Henry King £150 win @ 25/1

£550 staked

* Stewart Machin on RUK likes the look of Quel Esprit and Gagewell Flyer in the paddock. Don't know if he's a good judge or not, but I'll take it as a positive.

Wow, how impressive was that !!! Dunguib absolutely hoses up in the bumper. Some Present second and Rite Of Passage third, but really it's all about the winner with the rest nowhere.

Loss on race £550

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