Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Final Race Day 1

That's the first day nearly done now, but I fear I've made a balls up.

Tipping Legends e-mail today was in the format of a front cover with the tips on it, and an attachment with the detailed analysis on it. I didn't read the front cover and missed that they advised an each way double on Made In Taipan and Nenuphar Collonges. Finished 4th and 3rd, Hills paying 4 places all races but one of the guys on the The Form Analyst forum says they've settled his e/w double as a loser. If they pay out on it, then I've cocked up big style - £50 e/w double returns £1800 !!!

Can't do anything about it now so it's on to the last.

Bets placed

Chomba Womba £100 win @ 15/2
United £300 win @ 9/2
Caroles Legacy £78 win @ 16/1, £22 win @ 14/1
Quevega £50 win @ 3/1, £100 win @ 11/4
Oscar Rebel £50 win @ 12/1

Great performance by Quevega, flew up the run in to win very impressively. United just held on for second. Found the winner but a loss on the race ultimately.

Loss on race £125


smudge said...

I got the bet JP , but i messed up too as i plcaed it with 365 and not Hills went for the 25/1 on Taipan rather than the 20s Hills were offering , big mistake.

Keep up the good work.

best mate said...

superb blog jp will be good to see whenyou have time to see who tipped which horse good luck tommorow