Friday, 13 March 2009

Getting Out Stakes

And so to the last race of the festival and sadly things haven't gone anything like I would have hoped. Still, see what we can do here. Few big prices to go to war with again so who knows. I'm So Lucky would be an ironic winner given what has happened to me this week !


Vinmix De Bessy £50 e/w @ 20/1 ante-post
My Petra £100 win @ 12/1
Lorient Express £100 win @ 17 on betfair
Poquelin £150 win @ 11/2
Pasco £50 win @ 11/1
Valain £100 win @ 18/1
French Opera £50 win @ 9/1
I'm So Lucky £100 win @ 18/1
Tramantano £100 win @ 40/1

£850 staked

Well Oh Crick lands the last from Moon Over Miami with French Opera in third and Tramantano in fourth. Bit of good news to report. Logged into my VC account and noticed there was £85 worth of promotional cash sat there. So I had £42.50 each way on Tramantano at 33/1, just held on for fourth !! So a slight positive to take from what has otherwise been a very disappointing day.

Loss on race £542


jason said...

Disappointing day. I was watching and hoping for a decent effort for you in the last but sadly it wasn't to be. Keep battling...the next decent win isn't far away.


noseahead said...

I must admit JP It's been one of my worst Festivals, but stupidly, I went a bit mad this year and got involved in a few races I normally wouldn't back in!
Anyhow today turned out a lot better with 30 points profit, so it pulled me out the proverbial!!

Better Luck soon!!!

john said...

enjoying your blog
just out of interest were there
any bets at the other meetings from
your tipsters this week.
I feel some of the tipsters are giving bets out as a tabloid tipster would.
slh i know has only had 2 at cheltenham with 2 at the other meets and i think the guy is a true pro , but are the others just throwing selections likes darts in a board in the hope of a jackpot.
cheers john