Friday, 13 March 2009

Good Morning

Well the week has flown by and here we are on the final day of the festival.

Hoping for better things today after the disappointments of yesterday - all is quiet at the moment so I'll take in my breakfast now.

The plan for the blog this afternoon will have to change slightly. My Dad is returning from holiday today, and I need to go and pick him up - with a great sense of timing this will be at about 3.0 !!

What I will do today then is blog the first three races live and then put up the selections for the rest of the card for you to check my progress. Will be back on later in the afternoon to catch up on everything, and may blog the last couple of races live.

Back later on...


best mate said...

Good luck today JP hope for better fortune today will be with you all the way

Changing days said...

Nice one JP - best of luck again today. Am off to Cheltenham with my old man but we'll be keeping an eye on your progress on my phone!

chriswally09 said...

could you please state which of the tips are belonged to which service before the race goes off? If it wouldnt be too much
trouble. Thank you!

JP said...

cheers guys, here's hoping for a bit of good fortune today.

Chris - sorry, not going to do that. While I'm happy to reveal what I've backed I don't think it's right to say where they are from - The tips are for paying subscribers and I'm not giving them out here for free.