Friday, 13 March 2009

Having a night off

Not going to update with the full run down of results, will catch up with it all tomorrow.

Feel drained now after the last four days. It's enough it's been another poor day with a loss of around £2700, more or less the same as yesterday. Loss about £3200 over the last four days which is very disappointing.

However I am still ahead on the week (!) and I start again tomorrow, which will be lot less hectic.

Already had a couple of glasses of something nice, and there will be a few more. Will update my results spreadsheet over the weekend, which will take some time and also have a think about how the week has gone and how I've played it.

Not the week I hoped for...


Postmark said...

Enjoyed your daily blog. looks like you had a week like mine, Started well and went downhill.
I managed to lose 20 points on week having beed well ahead at the end of Wednesday but still up 95 points since Nov so have to put things in perspective.
Also just watched some of comic relief and makes you realise how lucky we are to have money to play with in this way.
One comment on your portfolio the form analyst strikes me as being a weak link, reading his blog a few months ago he struck me as being far to emotionally up and down to be a guy to follow (not that I use tipsters).
The others you use seem to have a more solid professional and clinical approach which is what you need to get a long term profit). Also with the number of bets struck you are diluting the profit when you do win. Agree with looking for more than one option at Cheltenham as at the prices it makes sense.
Would appreciate your view on win v e/w as I was thinking of moving the same way for the flat season currently bet 2 pts win 1 pt place and it eases the pain on a bad run,

gerry said...

I know it wasn't the week you wanted JP but this has been a must read this week and I salute you to the time and effort you have put in over the last few day's.
I'll be following you with interest now and find this blog compulsive viewing....good luck for today.

jason said...

Hi everyone,

Yes, you are spot on there, Gerry. It has been an informative week and to find the time to detail all of your bets, JP, is something I certainly appreciated and enjoyed the read from start to finish.

Everyone has their own way of betting and it's all about feeling confident in your approach - and that is a very important aspect of gambling that people seldom appreciate. I think we can all learn something from observing the many and varied approaches but it has to match your personality and work towards making racing an enjoyable experience.

Good luck for the future.