Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Amazed !!!

Tuesday 7 April

I've been threatening to have a day like today for some time, and although even here there was a bit of a hard luck story, I think I finally got what was due to me today.

One of the newer guys on Graeme's site, Anthony, has recently started posting up his thoughts on the days racing there. His "Nose Ahead" blog is linked to the right on here and he is good ! I noticed he selected a good priced winner at Musselburgh on Friday, and also Bouggler on Saturday at 16/1 at Aintree.

Was having a pretty dismal day at work and happened to read his blog and decided to back his selections today. It was an inspired, if fortunate, decision. The selection for the 3.10 at Pontefract was Bencoolen at 16/1, and also advised was a reverse forecast on Bencoolen and Unbreak My Heart.

Bencoolen led until the last strides, but was caught on the line by Unbreak My Heart - the forecast paying 174/1 !!

Following hot on the heels of a 14/1 winner from Tipping Legends, I think it's fair to say I've had worse days recently.

The forecast bet was with Bet365 who accomodate most of my bets without any problems, which is certainly not the case with other firms.

As I've posted elsewhere today, my days of betting on-line with William Hill certainly appear to be numbered. Today I asked for £100 at 14/1 on Pickering and £100 at 6/1 on Ouste. I was offered £10 on each. Got the rest on with their call centre, and no doubt the victory of Pickering won't have gone un-noticed by them.

However, if they don't want my on-line business anymore then shut my account - don't fuck about with me and waste my time.

It makes me sick to keep hearing all this bollocks about "we've laid so and so to lose 100 grand", "someones had 10 grand on this" and all that crap. Sick to death of seeing all these bookies reps on ATR and Racing UK spouting all this rubbish when the reality is very different.

It's all a fairy story, the only people they are interested in are serial losers, and the dregs who inhabit the shops feeding their roulette machines every day.

OK rant over, it's been a great day today, and I'm delighted.

Bets Advised

The Form Analyst

Ingleby Princess 1.5 pts e/w @ 8/1 - LOST (SP 13/2)


Daraiym win bet @ 7/4 - WON (SP 2/1)

Optimum Racing

All For The Cause 4pts win @ 9/2 - 2ND (SP 7/2)

SLH Private

Ouste 1pt e/w @ 5/1 - LOST (SP 11/2)

SLH Exchange

Black Beauty 2 units win @ min 1.8 - SECOND

Tipping Legends

Days Of Pleasure 0.5 pts e/w @ 12/1 - LOST (SP 12/1)
Pickering 1pt e/w @ 14/1 - WON (SP 12/1)
Lord Oroko 1 pt win @ 14/1 - LOST (SP 8/1)

Nose Ahead

Swinbrook 1pt win @ 15/2 - LOST (SP 15/2)
Swinbrook / Guest Connections 1pt forecast - LOST
Bencoolen 1pt win @ 16/1 - 2ND (SP 16/1)
Bencoolen / Unbreak My Heart 0.5 pt reverse forecast - 2nd / 1st - paid £174.93

Bets Placed

Ingleby Princess £150 win @ 7/1...........(150)
Daraiym £100 win @ 15/8 (bog)..............200
All For The Cause £100 win @ 9/2..........(100)
Ouste £100 win @ 6/1......................(100)
Black Beauty £100 back @ 1.82.............(100)
Days Of Pleasure £100 win @ 12/1..........(100)
Pickering £100 win @ 14/1.................1400
Lord Oroko £100 win @ 12/1................(100)
Swinbrook £50 win @ 8/1....................(50)
Swinbrook / G Connections £50 f/c..........(50)
Bencoolen £50 win @ 16/1...................(50)
Bencoolen / Unbreak My Heart £25 r/f......4323

Profit on day £5123


NoseAhead said...

Your accounts need looking at JP.
£50 win on Swinbrook isn't £100 loss ;)
Glad to see it helped your situation a little
Regards Anthony

JP said...

lol mate, I'm so used to typing that it's become second nature now. Just changed it. Brilliant that today, very well done - and thank you !!

Marc Owen Banks said...

Well pleased for ya JP, and well done NA

jason said...

Good to see you getting on NoseAheads reverse forecast. Superb. I kept singing his praises before but this is something else.


mrh-beats said...

Well done JP - about time you had some luck!!

Gags said...

Great result JP, amazing day by the looks of it and I guess it has been coming for a while now!!!

Well done!

The Limited Risk Bettor said...

Great day JP...onward and upward to you!

Marc Owen Banks said...

Terrific day JP