Saturday, 18 April 2009

Most frustrating day ever ?

Friday 17 April

Well possibly, but it was just one of those days which will drive me crazy if I let it.

Just one winner on the day, and a good one from the Making It Pay lads with Haarth Sovereign at 6/1.

A tale of woe elsewhere though with Mighty Massini, Naturally Inspired, Mutually Mine and Leamington Lad all finishing second - the last named traded at 1.01 in running and got chinned in the last strides.

It wasn't a lot better with the personal bets and info - among those were Society Music 16/1, Sohraab 16/1 and Bleu Superbe 10/1 and they all finished second as well !

It looks like the bookies have cottoned on to SLH as well. I rang his first message yesterday. Mighty Massini advised at 8/1 - quick look on Oddschecker and 12/1 was available with Bet365, clicked on the link and when the betting slip came up, I was amazed to see they had cut it from 12/1 to 6/1 in one hit. I actually called the message a bit early yesterday and it was already there - the price was cut one minute before the official time of the message. Either they subscribe to it or they've got an insider, because they can't have laid it. I got my bet on at 10/1 with Ladbrokes.

It's getting harder by the day to get these bets on with the bookies - the bet on Patman Du Charmil had to be split into 5 ! I ask you £150 on a horse and I have to spread it across 5 bets to get that amount on.

I'm going to have to find a way round it because I can't work like this - just takes far too long and it's so bloody annoying.

Also, at various points during the day the Oddschecker, Totesport, Stan James and Boylesports websites all crashed when I was trying to use them - it's a wonder the laptop didn't go through the window yesterday !!

Bets Advised

SLH Private

Mighty Massini 1pt win @ min 8/1 - 2ND (SP 8/1)
Naturally Inspired 2pts e/w @ min 4/1 - 2ND (SP 3/1)

SLH Exchange

6.45 Cheltenham
Tazbar 1pt back @ min 4.5 - WON
Hills Of Aran 1pt back @ min 3.5 - LOST

Optimum Racing

Tramantano 4pts win @ 7/2 - LOST (SP 11/4)

Tipping Legends

Magical Legend 1pt win @ 6/1 - LOST (SP 8/1)
Leamington Lad 1pt e/w @ 14/1 - 2ND (SP 12/1)

The Form Analyst

Patman Du Charmil 1.5 pts e/w @ 5/1 min - LOST (SP 6/1)


Mutually Mine win bet at 14/1+ - 2ND (SP 14/1)
(saver on What A Day - 20/1+ lost)

Making It Pay

Haarth Sovereign 2pts e/w @ 6/1 - WON (SP 4/1)

Nose Ahead

Violent Velocity 1pt win @ 13/2 - LOST (SP 12/1)
Violent Velocity / Shampagne Sands 0.5 pts reverse forecast - LOST
Mister McGoldrick 1pt win @ 9/1 - 3RD 11/1

Bets Placed

Mighty Massini £100 win @ 10/1..............(100)
Naturally Inspired £100 win @ 4/1...........(100)
Tazbar / Hills Of Aran (net of comm).........138
Tramantano £100 win @ 7/2...................(100)
Magical Legend £100 win @ 6/1...............(100)
Leamington Lad £100 win @ 12/1 - 14/1.......(100)
Patman Du Charmil £150 win @ 7/1 - 15/2.....(150)
Mutually Mine £100 win @ 14/1...............(100)
Haarth Sovereign £100 e/w @ 6/1..............720
Violent Velocity £100 win @ 8/1.............(100)
V Velocity / S Sands £50 rev forecast.......(100)
Mister McGoldrick £100 win @ 10/1...........(100)
Personal Bets and Trades.....................(97)

Loss on day £289


mrh-beats said...

Hi JP - interesting to read your comment about SLH as I've been having the same problems in terms of odds - not just bet365, but blue square, will hill and sportingbet have all slashed their odds within seconds of the call. It's very frustrating - but I suppose inevitable due to his success but just seems to have happened in the last couple of weeks.

Steve said...

Where do you get extra information like that from JP?

We could all do with some of that.


JB said...

same again today with saturday SLH 14/1 shot....went in an instant...stanjames running scarred instant cut to 7/1...just have to keep going to get on near the the top...

JB said...

I wonder if SLH has some clients who get the horse a little early or he places massive stakes himself. Bluesky offers a bet placement service where they places bets for there clients before released to normal clients. Therefore odds already plunging/plunged for the normal clientss who not preprared to pay the extra premium. The people on the bet placement service will be wading in with £500 win stakes. Enough to scare any bookie

JP said...

hi mrh - it was only a matter of time really, he's had a brilliant run of results in the last few months and clearly the bookies have finally cottoned on to this.

At least is generous with his price stipulations and you should be able to get on at or above the recommended price, but it can only get more difficult going forward especially if, like me, you are constantly knocked back.

Steve, the extra info comes from other races analysed by the various services I subscribe to - SLH and Optimum both run through other races on the day where they have looked at the race but not been able to satisfy all the conditions to be an account bet.

Maths daily e-mail runs through many of the days other races, and The Form Analyst's private forum is the source of many good discussions and ideas about the days racing.

There's plenty to go at and it's just a question of making best use of it.

JB, as I said before it will become increasingly difficult to get on - the run he's been on this year makes that inevitable unfortunately.

I think it unlikely he has any of his clients getting on early in the way you suggest - there's nothing set up such as what Blue Sky have done as far as I am aware, or indeed he's putting large bets into the market himself, anymore he would have done in the past.

Just a case that he is successful and the bookies are running scared - the bets flagged up as Isiris used to be I would guess.