Monday, 6 April 2009

Off to a bad start

Monday 6 April

Start of a new week, and nothing good to report. The ludicrously named Isabelonabicycle was the closest I came to getting a result - although not that close, 8 lenghts on the flat is pretty emphatic !

Had real problems achieving the advised prices today, didn't help thats Oddschecker wasn't working properly, I must have clicked on about 7-8 prices today which weren't there once I was connected to the bookies site. In truth though, the prices were not holding up at all - clearly they want to keep the windfall they had at the weekend !

Bets Advised


Isabelonabicycle - win @ 5/2 - 2ND (SP 11/4)

SLH Private

Orang Outan 2pts win @ 3/1 - LOST (SP 11/4)

SLH Exchange

Annibale Caro 2 unit place lay up to 2.6 - WON

Tipping Legends

Loom 2pts win @ 7/2 - LOST (SP 5/2)
Zowington 1pt win @ 9/1 - LOST (SP 12/1)

Bets Placed

Isabelonabicycle £100 win @ 5/2.............(100)
Orang Outan £100 win @ 3/1..................(100)
Annibale Caro £100 lay @ 2.5................(150)
Loom £100 win @ 11/4........................(100)
Zowington £100 win @ 8/1....................(100)

Loss on day £550


JB said...

Evening JP,
Been with SLH for a week now. Do you find the odds on his horses come in once released or remain stable. I noted Sundays 2 bets both horses odds came in pretty quick inside 20mins. This is asked with a view to trading again....Back high lay low

Marc Owen Banks said...

Just a quick note on the SnakeKaa's blog link JP,

POP-UP city!!!!!

JP said...

Hi JB, generally there's no problem getting the advised prices, or even doing better, as you've probably realised. However the last couple of days have seen prices cut very quickly after the bet has been given out.

If the bookies are on to his tips, then that should come as no surprise given the results he has been achieving in recent months.

Hi Marc, thanks for that, have never looked at it since linking up. If that's the case then I will delete the link - plus I'll add a link to your blog, best of luck with it.