Friday, 15 May 2009

Osteopath makes me feel a bit better

Just a quick update.

I had a follow-up eye op on Wednesday after having laser eye surgery last November. Just had my left eye tweaked - under warranty if you like - was pretty much blind as a bat in both eyes before the first op. Have now got perfect vision in my right eye, but the left didn't respond quite as well to the initial op, hence the follow up.

As a consequence I can't really spend any length of time in front of a computer screen at the moment, and so I'm unable to update the daily results on here.

My aim at the moment is to bring everything up to date on Sunday evening.

The last three days have been pretty desperate, with yesterday possibly my worst losing day ever with £2200 being left behind after more than 20 tips failed to produce a single winner.

Today was looking like another losing day until The Osteopath came fast and late to land the Newcastle 8.25 and got me in front for the day.

Dropped £2300 in the last three days, which is ominous considering how things have gone at the weekends so often this year. But staying positive, and looking forward to a decent weekend to try and get this month back on track.

Best of luck with your betting this weekend, I will post some sort of update here on Sunday night.


RaceBets said...

Get better soon JP and have a 'look' at THIRSK 4-15 Osteopathic Remedy ;-)

Jason said...

Hi JP,
Hope you're on the mend. Take it easy and good luck with your bets. Sure you will be on the winning path again very soon.


smudge said...

Hi jp

Hope your eye is on the mend sounds a painfull thing you had done , anyhow just one thing i want to ask you is how do you get the noseahead bets when you are out and about ie at the races.


JP said...

thanks for the good wishes guys, seeing ok again now - needs a bit more time but it will be fine.

Smudge, I've not missed anything Anthony (noseahead) has given out so far. I will contact him at some point and see if he relays the bets in any other way (ie text messages) so I don't miss anything.