Friday, 19 June 2009

Set me up nicely

Friday 19 June

Well what a day !

The Form Analyst fires in a third straight winner, Tipping Legends win over 20 points on the day, and I put a couple of the tips together and land a big forecast !

Still got one or two selections to run tonight as I start typing this up, but it's been a fantastic day - put me in a great mood and I'm ready for my break now.

Graeme, The Form Analyst was very sweet on the chances of Summer Dancer in the first at Musselburgh. He's put this up twice before in the last month - first time up the race wasn't run to suit, and last time out his chance was compromised by the rain softened ground.

This was Graeme's summary of the horse's chance today...I said this last time when I tipped it but the key to Summer Dancer is a fast run 7f and a clear passage through the race to make a challenge. Last time at Musselburgh two starts ago, my issue was no pace in the race and it ran a remarkable race to finish 6th. Today, there’s tons and tons of pace in here. Simply, they could go very fast and set it up for Summer Dancer to travel well through the race and pick them off.

If you saw the race, that's pretty much exactly what happened - another great piece of analysis and a big profit. The only sour note was that the favourite Azure Mist wouldn't go into the stalls and so there was a 30p rule 4 deduction - however Graeme was confident we'd got the measure of this one !!!

Bonus for me on this race , Anthony (Nose Ahead) put up Viva Volta as a win bet at 9/1 - had to give best to Summer Dancer but ran a great race, especially for me as I decided to put the two together in a reverse forecast.

A terrific start to the day, and it just got better and better.

Tipping Legends, had a poor day yesterday but bounced back in style today, with two winners and two places at Royal Ascot.

The clear highlight was Perfect Stride in the Wolferton Handicap, put up as a 2pt bet at 10/1. Managed to get 11/1 with Ladbrokes for half my bet, and got the rest on at 9/1 and 10/1.

Nice bit of analysis from JC here as well on this one....I really like the chances of this one. first run as a 3yr old saw him quietly fancied for the 2000 guineas but a rushed preperation & the whole affair proving too much on only his 3rd start saw him down the field. Showed that that confidence wasn't misplaced when winning easily from a very good field on fast ground here at ascot. Doesn't seem to like any undulations with 2 poor efforts at Goodwood & a couple of poor ones at newmarket. here at Ascot though he has that win i mentioned plus a close 2nd in a decent little listed race. back into handicap level & with going & course perfect, alongside a nice high draw I'm surprised you can still get double figures on this one.

Followed this up in the next race with Holberg, advised each way at 10/1 drawing clear in the furlong to win the Queen's Vase by four lengths and add to what had already become a memorable day.

The two places were Rainbow View, who had no luck in running after being given an awful lot to do by Jimmy Fortune, and Your Old Pal who had to give best to Henry Cecil's winner Father Time - TL's other pick in this race Free Agent came fourth.

Equine Investments recent disappointing run continued with Stone of Scone playing up before the start and then running prominently, rather than his usual held-up style. Was struggling turning for home, and was eased in the straight to finish last. He was found to be lame after the race.

As well as Viva Volta, Nose Ahead also had Slugger O'Toole in the last at Ascot - but he was kicking himself after the race as he gave a favourable mention to Giganticus but felt the pace in the race would all be on the far side. Anthony's doing some good work but it isn't quite clicking for him at the moment, but it won't be long he's on the winning trail again.

Chris, The Form Guru found one winner on the day with Sonny Parkin, although the advised price of 6/1 was not there by the time the message was received. His 3 point bet on Fleeting Star went west, which wasn't too surprising as the horse drifted from 3/1 to 8/1 !

Last bet of the day was Storyland for who got a shocking ride from Kirsty Milczarek, who decided to go for a gap on the far rail at Goodwood and duly got put out of the race when the gap closed.

A great day though, and a new high for the year - over £25,000 in front now, which is amazing really.

As I said yesterday, I will be betting tomorrow but the next update here will be either next Saturday or Sunday. Wish you the best of luck with your betting between now and then.

Bets Advised

Equine Investments

Stone Of Scone 1.75 pts win @ 5/1 - LOST (SP 7/2)

The Form Analyst

Summer Dancer 1.5 pts e/w @ 6/1 - WON (SP 9/2)

Tipping Legends

Aegean 1pt win @ 2/1 - LOST (SP 11/4)
Your Old Pal 0.5 pts e/w @ 14/1 - 2ND (SP 14/1)
Free Agent 0.5 pts e/w @ 14/1 - 4TH (SP 14/1)
Rainbow View 1 pt e/w @ 15/2 - 3RD (SP 13/2)
Perfect Stride 2pts win @ 10/1 - WON (SP 8/1)
Stately Home 1pt win @ 8/1 - LOST (SP 10/1)
Holberg 0.5 pts e/w @ 10/1 - WON (SP 7/1)
Golden Desert 1 pt e/w @ 20/1 - LOST (SP 16/1)
Swift Gift 0.5 pts e/w @ 14/1 - LOST (SP 8/1)

Nose Ahead

Viva Volta 1pt win @ 9/1 - 2ND (SP 10/1)
Slugger O'Toole 0.5 pts e/w @ 28/1 - LOST (SP 20/1)

Storyland 2pts win @ 11/4 - LOST (SP 2/1)

Chris, The Form Guru

Something 2pts win @ 11/1 - LOST (SP 12/1)
Mr Macattack 1 pt e/w @ 20/1 - LOST (SP 18/1)
Rio Pomba 0.5 pts e/w @ 25/1 - LOST (SP 20/1)
Sonny Parkin 2pts win @ 6/1 (price not there) - WON (SP 11/2)
Fleeting Star 3pts win @ 3/1 - LOST (SP 8/1)

Bets Placed

Stone Of Scone £175 win @ 5/1..................(175)
Summer Dancer £150 e/w @ 6/1....................756 - 30p rule 4
Aegean £100 win @ 2/1..........................(100)
Your Old Pal £50 e/w @ 14/1.....................125
Free Agent £50 e/w @ 14/1......................(100)
Rainbow View £100 e/w @ 15/2 - 8/1...............94
Perfect Stride £100 win @ 11/1.................1100
Perfect Stride £50 win @ 10/1...................500
Perfect Stride £50 win @ 9/1....................450
Stately Home £100 win @ 8/1....................(100)
Holberg £50 e/w @ 10/1..........................612
Golden Desert £100 e/w @ 22/1..................(200)
Swift Gift £50 e/w @ 14/1......................(100)
Viva Volta £100 win @ 9/1......................(100)
Slugger O'Toole £50 e/w @ 28/1.................(100)
Something £50 win @ 11/1........................(50)
Mr Macattack £25 e/w @ 18/1.....................(50)
Rio Pomba £12.50 e/w @ 16/1.....................(25)
Sonny Parkin £50 win @ 5/1 (no bog).............250
Fleeting Star £75 win @ 3/1.....................(75)
Storyland £50 win @ 5/2.........................(50)
Personal Bets - 1.50 Muss £50 r/f..............1042
Personal Bets - 4.20 Ascot £50 r/f.............(100)

Profit on Day £3604


Jason said...

Great day, JP.


JP said...

cheers Jason - have a good week if you play.

All the best

JB said...

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JB said...

Might be of some interest to you JP once all your online accounts are closed

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JP said...

Hi JB, thanks for that - something to look into when I get back.


TJ said...

Hi mate. Well done today! Just wondering whether you had given PeterNaughton's service a look?

Craig said...
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Anonymous said...


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RaceBets said...


Do you have any contact details for the Chris the Form Guru service. I subscribed for the free trial and have asked to be removed from their service for about the last 2 weeks with no reply and the emails keep coming. I have tried and and but have had no response and have now been charged by them despite giving them a weeks prior notice! Any help/contacts you can provide would be appreciated.



JP said...

Just catching up on recent comments...

TJ, hi mate - haven't looked at Peter Naughton to be honest. Might have a look at him later in the week when I have a bit more time. Although with Isiris due to return later in the year, I already have another service in the pipeline.

Craig, I've deleted your comment as I noticed you had included your e-mail address after I had published it. I'll send you an e-mail later in the week.

Charlie, bit short of time but I'll check out your blog later in the week and exchange links then.

Hi Dave, I don't have any other details other than those you have given. Have read elsewhere of others who have had a similar problem. Think Chris knows the time of day, but the Inside Rail who he has affiliated himself with have a somewhat dubious reputation from what I hear. If your'e paying via paypal and you have a recurring payment instruction, you can cancel it there and they can't take any more payments from you.

It's pretty shocking what they've done to you and thanks for bringing it to my attention. Will make mention of it on my next post, so others are aware of it.


RaceBets said...

Hey JP

Cheers, they did eventually get in touch after having to resort to a few threats and funny enough as soon as I did this I received an email the next day saying they would look into it. They use Nochex and I could see no way of cancelling but they have assured me they would refund in the next few days and that I have been removed from their lists. I'll let you know what happens. It's a shame as I enjoyed their analysis but felt they gave far too many bets out for it to be profitable for my liking.