Wednesday, 15 July 2009

At least it was profitable

Wednesday 15 July

A truly dire days racing, it is the middle of summer isn't it ? Well you wouldn't know it with what was served up today.

However, despite only two bits of action all day - including in the very last race, it did ultimately prove to be a profitable day which is all that really matters to me.

Bets Advised

SLH Exchange

Winchester Red - 2pt lay @ max 2.4 - LOST


Sew 'n' so Character - e/w @ min 12/1 - LOST (SP 12/1)

Bets Placed

Winchester Red £200 lay @ 2.4 (net)..............191
Sew 'n' so Character £100 win @ 12/1 -14/1......(100)

Profit on day £91

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