Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Drawing A Line

Thanks to everyone who has commented in response to my post last night – really do appreciate what you all had to say.

When I made my original comments on Friday about Tipping Legends, given their high profile, I was expecting there would be some reaction but I didn’t quite realise what I was letting myself in for.

I certainly wasn’t expecting my motives or my integrity to be called into question, and that really did wind me up.

The fact that many of you highlighted those qualities in your comments meant a lot to me.

I am particularly grateful that JC himself has taken the time to come on here and respond, please make sure you read his comment, and the one on the SBC forum if you are a member there.

Criticism, whether it is well intentioned or not, is never easy to take, as I’ve demonstrated in the last day or two!

However, a bit of healthy debate or comment certainly shouldn’t do any harm to anyone and if I’ve done anything to encourage that this weekend, then I think everyone can take something out of this.

As for the comments about dropping Tipping Legends or any of my other services, I set myself up with a portfolio when I first started and to be honest I had no idea whether it would work or not !

It has certainly been an interesting ride so far, and to my great satisfaction a very profitable one.

It is my intention to continue to use a portfolio of tipsters in the future –they should compliment each other and you hope that at least one or two of them are firing when the others are in the doldrums. It’s not too clever though when they all hit a bad patch at the same time !

There have been quite a few services which have come and gone over the last 18 months or so and no doubt that will continue in the future.

Nothing lasts forever, the only reason I’m doing this is to make money and sometimes that means I have to make judgement calls – I make the majority of my income from doing this and so it’s important I get them right.

One last thing, many of the comments left over the weekend have been anonymous. I don’t want people having to set up a google account or the like to comment on here, but I would like you to put names to any comments you send in – I moderate all comments before they are published and if you want to remain anonymous that’s fine with me.

Happy to take comments on any of the above, but after that I’d like to put this to bed – then everyone can concentrate on the job in hand !


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rdawson said...

I thought that your comments against your detractors were fair and pragmatic.