Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Inching Forward

Wednesday 22 July

Got another £100 today, which really was the minimum I could have taken out of the day. Following on from £102 yesterday, just edging ahead for the last couple of days - tell you what though, offer me £100 a day for the rest of the year and I'll snatch your hand off !

Equine Investments had two selections today, Parc Des Prince which won at 9/4, having been advised at 4/1 - got 7/2 for my bet. The 4/1 was only available with Ladbrokes and VC, and I would have been knocked back by Ladbrokes and held in a queue long enough to ensure I'd miss all the 7/2 elsewhere so I went with Bet365.

The other bet was a speculative 0.5 point win bet on Redwater River, available at 20/1 with Hills, 18/1 with the Tote, and 16/1 with Skybet - waste of time looking for any of that (and the best prices vanished within seconds so I believe) so got 14/1 with Bet365. Horse actually set off at an SP of 6/1 and ran a very good race, and was only caught in the last 50-100 yards and finished third, beaten about a length.

SLH had a second place on his all weatheR line, Agnes Love advised each way at 8/1 eventually drifted to 11/1 and also led, briefly, in the last furlong before being run down by Bluebok - who has been advised two or three times on this line in the last year or so and never gone in. Obvioulsy disappointed with the second as I still play these win only as you know, but to lose to Bluebok - well, you got to smile really.

Finally Maths advised an each way double on Souter Point (which won) and Barbirolli (which didn't). The advice was to place lay Barbirolli for my stake if Souter Point won, but I was in no position to be able to do this so had to swallow the £100 loss.

So, overall a £100 profit - not to be sniffed at, but that was the worst possible outcome today.

Bets Advised


Agnes Love e/w @ min 8/1 - 2ND (SP 11/1)

Equine Investments

Redwater River 0.5 pts win @ 20/1 (min 10/1) - 3RD (SP 6/1)
Parc Des Princes 1pt win @ 4/1 (min 7/2) - WON (SP 9/4)

Maths - Selections

Souter Point / Barbirolloi e/w double - WON (SP 2/1) / LOST (SP 9/2)

Bets Placed

Agnes Love £100 win @ 8/1..................(100)
Redwater River £50 win @ 14/1...............(50)
Parc Des Princes £100 win @ 7/2.............350
Souter Point / Barbirolli £50 e/w dbl......(100)

Profit on day £100

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mrh-beats said...

£100 quid a day would be fantastic.

I've worked on making £20 per day per year - just started last year and come in just shy of that. Doesn't sound a lot but it has paid for a skiing holiday, a honeymoon and all the little extras i never had the cash for before

Thanks to SLH, Equine, Maths, TL and others for that!

And JP thanks to you too for being a great reference point.