Monday, 6 July 2009

Nosing (or is it Dozing) Ahead !

Monday 6 July

Quiet day in terms of bets with only three advised.

Still a very good profit on the day with The Cayterers winning at 9/1 for Nose Ahead.

A welcome winner for this service, which has been in the doldrums for the last few weeks. Didn't see the race as I dozed off for half an hour while watching ATR.

Probably more to do with having a late night last night than the quality of their output, as poor as it is.

Got an e-mail this morning from saying my free trial was coming to an end and asking if I wanted to continue with their service. Have been trialling it since early May, won 24 points on my first bet with them but it's been downhill since then and am currently 9 points down.

I have had 9 winners from 50 bets, only two of these have been above 2/1. To sum up, too many short prices, not enough winners. Availability of prices is an issue with odds often only available with firms like Sportingbet which is no good to anyone.

They haven't shown me anything that I feel I want to pay for so I'll call it a day.

Bets Advised

Tipping Legends

Helping Hand 0.5 pts e/w @ 11/1 - LOST (SP 13/2)

High Class Equine

Come On Safari 0.5 pts e/w @ 14/1 - LOST (SP 12/1)

Nose Ahead

The Cayterers 1pt win @ 9/1 - WON (SP 9/1)

Bets Placed

Helping Hand £50 e/w @ 10/1....................(100)
Come On Safari £25 e/w @ 14/1...................(50)
The Cayterers £100 win @ 9/1....................900

Profit on day £750


Robert said...

Hi again hope you don't think that I'm being too critical, yes I think that the formguru hasn't done too well for you, on the other other hand nosing ahead (Yes I'm speaking out of my pocket tonight I didn't back the horse) seem to be doing extremely well for a free service. Perhaps its the head line but maybe they deserve more praise. Looking at you YTD stats you do pretty well with your personal bets (I wish I could say the same) Is it mainly trading? or just fitting your own bets doubles combo's etc; be interested to know.



JP said...

Hi Bob,

Think you might have misinterpreted my headline - only wrote that because I missed the race 'cos I fell asleep !

Nose Ahead has done very well for me as you say and I've always given them the plaudits for their results I think. Also sent Anthony a message on his blog - he has struggled recently by his own admission and hopefully tonight will be the start of a good run for him.

My personal bets are mainly made up of additional bets based on the info I get, eg forecasts, tricasts, doubles and trebles etc as well as a few bets I put together myself on racing or other sports.

Tried a bit of scalping the favourites again on Saturday which I haven't done for a while and had a good day with it, so that's something else I can get back into.

Best of luck with your betting.

NoseAhead said...

Hey Robert,
No offence taken by the 'Dozing' headline as I knew it wasn't intended at me. I think JP had it about right though with the headline.
As he said, by my own admission I have been basically asleep with my results and I know I can do better!

Sorry to hear you didn't back the selction tonight but after last month you would think I was dozing so I wouldn't blame anyone for giving it a swerve.

Better Luck next time you choose to get involved!

Brian said...

It is good to see a nice winner from NoseAhead. I do like the concept of free services hence I keep my Wilkinson system free. The main driver for tipsters to want to share they advice should not be the revenue they generate from subscription because if their service is good then the money they make on their selections will always be much greater than the subscription fees. The reason should be they want to get plaudits and recognition for their trade and skills.

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