Thursday, 23 July 2009

That's The Spirit !

Thursday 23 July

Equine Investments were the stars today advising a win bet on Spirit Of Sharjah in the last at Epsom, staying on well inside the final furlong to get the better of Guilded Warrior in the last 50 yards.

Guilded Warrior was The Form Analyst's only selection of the day and my each way bet at 6/1 showed a small profit.

Best news of all though was I decided to put them together in a reverse forecast which paid £55.26 to a £1 stake, so good to get it for £50 !

The other bet from Equine, Omokoroa, finished second.

SLH played on both his mainline and his exchange service, That Man Fox was the mainline selection - advised at a minimum of 14/1, but available at 25/1, and as big as 28/1 with Sportingbet I believe.

I managed to get on at 25/1 before the price was slashed to 9/1 which was the returned SP - the horse finished unplaced.

Just about managing to get the prices on SLH's bets but you've got to be very quick, the bookies are wise to him now and the prices are holding for a minute or two at most.

He played two against the field in the 3.10 Uttoxeter on the exchange line - and they finished first and second. No time during the day today to do any more than just stick the advised bets on, so it didn't cross my mind to put the two in a forecast (which paid over 9/1).

Maths had one selection today, with the old stager The Tatling winning at 5/4, while Nose Ahead's bet today, Rayhani at Sandown, was unplaced.

Finally, Chris The Form Guru found Capone at Doncaster, winning at an advised price of 16/1 (14s was the best I could manage). However I saved £50 on his selections as one of them was That Man Fox (see above), which was only available at 9/1 by the time I picked up the e-mail (28/1 advised) so that was an easy pass !

Bets Advised

SLH Private

That Man Fox 1pt e/w @ min 14/1 - LOST (SP 9/1)

SLH Exchange

3.10 Uttoxeter
Brousse En Feux 2pt back at min 4.0 - WON
Dont Be Bleu 2pt back at min 3.5 - 2ND

Equine Investments

Omokoroa 1.5 pts win @ 3/1 - 2ND (SP 3/1)
Spirit Of Sharjah 1.5 pts win @ 8/1 - WON (SP 8/1)

The Form Analyst

Guilded Warrior 1 pt e/w @ 6/1 - 2ND (SP 6/1)

Maths - Selection

The Tatling - win bet @ 11/8 - WON (SP 5/4)

Nose Ahead

Rayhani 1pt e/w @ 14/1 - 16/1 - LOST (SP 16/1)

Chris, The Form Guru

All Three Fables 2pts win @ 15/2 - LOST (SP 7/1)
That Man Fox 1 pt e/w @ 28/1 - LOST (SP 9/1)
Eightdaysaweek 1 pt e/w @ 16/1 - LOST (SP 12/1)
Capone 1 pt e/w @ 16/1 - WON (SP 8/1)
Captain Scooby 1 pt e/w @ 14/1 - LOST (SP 9/1)
Calahonda 1 pt e/w @ 11/1 - LOST (SP 8/1)
Trachonitis 1 pt e/w @ @ 14/1 - LOST (SP 7/1)

Bets Placed

That Man Fox £100 e/w @ 25/1..................(200)
Brousse En Feux £200 back @ 4.0 (net)..........582
Dont Be Bleu £200 back @ 3.5..................(200)
Omokoroa £150 win @ 3/1.......................(150)
Spirit of Sharjah £150 win @ 8/1..............1200
Guilded Warrior £100 e/w @ 6/1..................20
The Tatling £100 win @ 5/4.....................125
Rayhani £100 e/w @ 14/1.......................(200)
All Three Fables £50 win @ 8/1.................(50)
Eightdaysaweek £25 e/w @ 16/1..................(50)
Capone £25 e/w @ 14/1..........................438
Captain Scooby £25 e/w @ 12/1..................(50)
Calahonda £25 e/w @ 10/1.......................(50)
Trachonitis £25 e/w @ 14/1.....................(50)
Spirit of Sharjah / G Warrior £50 r/f.........2663

Profit on day £4028


best mate said...

Superb r/fc Jp keep bashing them bookies have you dropped the legends from your portfolio after all the hassle you had just curious love the blog BM

james said...

Great result today mate. I must say that i am finding it increasingly difficult to get the advised prices on slh selections. Last year i had no bother, but this year as you say the bookies are wise to him.

Also, have you received a letter from isiris? i received an invitation to join up to they're service which is recommencing in sept of this year?

Just wondered if you will be re subscribing this year?

anyway great blog and keep up the good work!!


JP said...

Hi BM. No, Tipping Legends are still part of my porfolio. They are just having a short break at the moment but I'm expecting selections tomorrow, and they've got their Goodwood special next week.

James, as you say it is becoming more difficult. Just got to be as quick as you can, there's no magic answer unfortunately.

As far as Isiris goes, I have re-subscribed and will be on board when he resarts in September.

Not sure how I'm going to play them yet, as I struggled to get the e/w on the account bets last year and my options are more limited now - think I'll just be trading them on Betfair as they are given out and try and generate risk free bets on them.

Can't say for sure until he gets up and running again and I can see if things are still as they used to be with his selections, but I'm sure I can make them pay somehow !

All the best