Monday, 20 July 2009

Tipping Legends

No doubt most of you will have read my blog post on Friday regarding Tipping Legends and the comments received in response to it.

I have already responded to most of the comments, but I am going to use this post to address two in particular.

The first comment received yesterday I have already responded to but some of what I have to say applies to this and I will re-produce that here now as well as my reply.

JP's think the above should be removed, looks to me like this blog is starting to
look like a spamming site.

Always respected your post JP but kicking your services even further in hard times is out of order it was not so long ago I remember you increasing your staking plan on a certain tipster in question.

Still 6 months left to go and I hope for your sake you do not eat your words!!!

And my response...

As far as I'm concerned anything which appears on this blog is open for discussion - whether it's me and what I write, the way I back the tips or the services themselves.

I don't know why you say this is starting to look like a spamming site. With respect that is absolute nonsense.

Since I've started doing this, I've made literally dozens of comments about all the services I use, both positive and negative.

I am following these services with hard cash day in, day out and if they are not producing the goods them I'm entitled to say so.

I make an exception for the blogs or sites which put up their tips for free, but the rest are fair game for any praise or criticism coming their way for their results.

If they need a kick, as you put it, they will get one...and if things don't improve then I will drop them - as I have Henry Rix, Mark Holder, Blue Sky Racing and Optimum who between them cost me around £4000 in subs and showed a massive loss !

One last thing, still 6 months left to go for what exactly ?!

This is the second comment received late last night and published on here this evening....

JP you forgot to mention that the Legends are still sitting on 400+ points profit on horses since start of service.

I didn’t forget to mention their past record at all. They achieved great results last year and should be rightfully proud of them – particularly the results from January – May 2008. Indeed it was reading those results that led me to join Tipping Legends in the first place.

I have been around long enough to know that May 2008 was probably a one-off which would never be repeated, but their record otherwise was good enough to persuade me to join.

However it is their performance this year which I am concerned about, and anyone who has joined in the last few months will have similar concerns as they are not making any profit at all.

JC is one of the good honest genuine guys in the game and to allow post on your site using terms as frauds is in my opinion slander. For years he posted tips for free on the OLBG and his record speaks for himself.

Regarding the post which appeared over the weekend, I made it quite clear what I thought of it – that it was out of order and unacceptable. With hindsight I should have moderated or deleted it, but I didn’t and that is unfortunate.

I’ve never been a member of the OLBG website, but I don’t doubt his reputation or record there.

Though you would of realised by now this game is over the LONGTERM, i believe no cash has been lost this year with the Legends??????

First of all it is “would have” not “would of”. I am quite aware that this is a long term game, but also you have to take account of what is happening currently.

If you followed the staking plan to the letter, and if you were able to get on all the bets at the advertised prices, and if you backed the each way double with the two or three bookmakers who were paying four places at Cheltenham (not specifically advised I should point out) then this year you are probably just about level.

But after more than 660 bets this year, that’s hardly a noteworthy achievement. I should make it clear, I don’t have an issue with advised prices – in general you can achieve them or very close to them, but obviously with the bookmaker restrictions becoming more widespread this is increasingly difficult for anyone betting to decent stakes.

I have always made it quite clear on my blog that the plan I followed was my own – to back the tips win only, and it certainly did not prove to be the correct strategy. However, I’ve also shown the profits / losses to advised stakes and prices every week without fail to demonstrate what could have been achieved by following the advised staking plan. I also list full accurate results on a daily basis and none of this has ever been challenged, because everything has been recorded and commented upon correctly.

It is however interesting to note looking at the results published on their own website (and including the 14.5 points lost since the results were last updated), the profit to advised stakes and prices since last August is less than 50 points – that includes the Cheltenham e/w double. Take that out and the profit for a full calendar year is only 30 points.

Good luck with your own agenda JP,
hope you enjoy the days out with greame.

What a pathetic and childish comment. Now I understand where the spamming comment yesterday comes from. Do you really think that this is what my blog is all about ?
The only agenda I have is to make as much profit as possible from betting, and to use a good portfolio of services to help me achieve that.

At the moment SLH and The Form Analyst are the best performing services in my portfolio, and rightfully they are getting plenty of positive comments from me.

It’s funny that Tipping Legends were quite happy to use this blog to try and sell a few subscriptions to their golf service back in January / February, on the back of positive comments and excellent results at the time.

No doubt they’ve attracted a few subscribers to both their services from readers of this blog in the time I’ve been doing this. That’s good news all round isn’t it – if things are going well for me, then obviously it will reflect well on the services that are performing and they will reap the rewards. I know of at least five people who have signed up with SLH on the back of what they have read on here. If Graeme is getting the same response, then I’m delighted for him. They both deserve it.

Since I’ve started I’ve been asked by several services to subscribe to their services or let them proof their results here and I’ve been happy to oblige (MOB, etc). I will do the same in the future if I’m asked and it fits in with the blog.

I’m not the one with the agenda here !!!

By the way do you ever post your bets???

Don’t understand the question. Every bet I place is recorded on here, I do my own bets from time to time on the back of information received.

From first comment -

Still 6 months left to go and I hope for your sake you do not eat your words!!!

I stand by everything I wrote on the blog on Friday. What they’re producing at the moment in terms of results is not good enough, and recent comments in TL daily e-mails show that they know that. I hope they can turn it round – I genuinely want nothing more.

I am amazed frankly that the first negative comment I have made in 12 months of following this service should have provoked such a reaction.

This was not intended as a vitriolic attack on the integrity of the service or the people who run it – unlike another blog that is out there, more a genuine expression of concern from someone who has followed the service for more than a year and is very worried about the current performance.

Maybe Tipping Legends or their friends who've posted these comments would benefit from spending more time reading the form book or speaking to their contacts, rather than worrying about the competition within the industry, or posting anonymous comments on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Seemed to hit a nerve JP, as you said we are all allowed opinions and all I done is speak how I feel, can I just confirm that I do follow several services similar to yourself and personally hope all te services do well over the rest of the year. May I also add that The Legends, are not 'friends' and have had no part in these posts and it is just my opinion of me following your blog.

If I have offended you I do apologise but as you know this game is all about opinions and I wish you well for the rest of the year.

Anonymous said...

I, like many others I’m sure, have been reading your blog ‘silently’ for months; fascinated by the game you play and curious to see where it will all end up…
Throughout this time, there have been many ups and downs – good days and bad days – but the one thing that has consistently shone out like a beacon, is your honesty and integrity…
How anyone can come on here and claim you have ‘an agenda’ is beyond me. The assumption has to be that it is someone connected with the Tipping Legends organisation itself – but if this is the case, they are in an even worse state than it appears from the outside.
Please do not let such ridiculous comments influence your actions or the way you document events. As you say, you pay for the tips; you have a right to expect them to perform. Recording the successes and failures in an objective way is not a crime – if anything, it’s a service ! – and one I hope you will continue to perform in the manner you have done for the past 18+ months.

RichP said...

JP, it's your blog so write what you bloody like. Really enjoy reading it even though i'm not a strong follower of the horses. You're paying for their services so you're more than entitled to write about their bad days (even if there's a lot of them) and their good days.

On a side note, asked a question the other day - aren't you tempted to go fulltime based on the decent profits you're turning in or too much of a gamble?

leathehat said...

Speak your mind JP. Speak your mind. Its clear to everyone over the last few months that TL have been going through a bad patch. What people must remember is that if you pay over £1000 for a tipping service then you have every right to be worried if the service isnt performing. We can all harp on about past results and how the service is in profit. thats great for the guys who have been there since day 1 but what about the punter who has just joined or is wanting to join they need to know the true current picture and from reading this blog that is what they will get.

When running a successful business you should listen to the concerns of your paying customer. I am sure if the TL care to read the blog then its clear to see that this is open debate rather than slander.

I wish the guys at TL all the best I used thier service for the Chelt festival. Lets hope they turn it around.

The road to professional, tips for free, my record speaks for itself so far a 100% strike rate all LOSERS LOL. Hope knowbody salgs me how ever will i cope!!!!!

Great blog - Lea

RaceBets said...

lol this is a hoot ! JP if you're looking for a replacement tipster for your blog then you can follow me on Betfinder where I put up my 5 best ValueBets of the day. 1746pts profit since April and 629pts this month all to 10pt level stakes...and it's all FREE ;-)

Dave @ FormBet (aka secretgambler)

Anonymous said...

Hi, all fair comments, I am a TL customer and feel just like you do. By my records they are 40 points down since Jan 1st, just goes to show that it is not possible to get the best price they advise. All in all in profit since I joined but take away the £1000 plus subscription and its not a brilliant service this year. Dont know whether to ignore their tips, but you can be sure if I did that they would all start winning. I would be interested in reading the other blog you mention, you you point me in the right direction. Good Luck mate

Wayne said...

Been with Legends for a long time and your views are accurate on this blog as are the rsults. Looking at what else is availble in the market and the price of service,it is overpriced and overrated and the SBC should remove this service from their hof before people lose more money.

Jeremiah reads this blog and the SBC forum,so why doesn't he get in touch and explain how he will fix it.Used up all his excuses I think.

After a long time with them,i'm out also and waiting to join somewhere else when i am invited to join. Wayne

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're coming in for some flack JP. It's hard to be critical sometimes when money is on the line. Emotions get in the way of rational argument especially when money is involved.

I thought your comments were a fair reflection of the frustration many members must be feeling. Sure Tipsters must get annoyed when the usual moaners complain after a bad result, but there are genuine questions to be asked here.

Keep up the good work.

Dan (SBC)

Jeremiah catskill said...

JP - Just thought it best that I come on this thread.

Firstly, as I'm sure you're aware, I have nothing at all to do with the recent posts & have no idea who posted them. Huge apologies that you have attracted this type of criticism. There seems to be a recent spate over "over-enthusiastic" posts on many a blog in recent weeks.

I have always encouraged blogs such as your's as the big problem in the old days was a lack of transparency. If someone is good nowadays - everyone knows, if somebody isn't - everyone knows. That's the way it should be.

I've read through your recent posts & to be honest , what you've said is spot on. I don't look at blogs to often nowadays but I've known since day 1 that you record the facts & comment on them in a fair manner.

Its great that 2 of your services are on fire at the moment & all i can hope is that i make it 3 in the coming months. the more profitable a tipster the better for everyone.

Its the old days when unprofitable tipsters hid their bad results ( try getting results from many of the premium raters advertised)that we want to avoid, so continue commenting on your portfolio & ignore the more dramatic comments you may receive.


Anonymous said...

great blog,honest at all times and full of the emotions of gambling on a decent sized scale.

do yourself a favour and drop tipping legends from your portfolio.the time spent placing 600 bets to make no money is enormous.they not as good as SLH it appears to me.

not a subscriber to tipping services myself,so just an opinion.

Anonymous said...

What a load of old tripe.