Saturday, 4 July 2009

Victor Chandler F*ck Off

Anyone else feel like smashing their TV in 'cos they are sick to death of these Victor Chandler adverts which Racing UK are currently showing after every single race.

Now we're going back to having to pay £20 a month to watch the channel, are we really going to have to put up with this day after day.

Victor Chandler, "The punters Bookmaker for over 60 years" apparently.

Well as long as you lose of course, or unless you have one of his special no lose accounts.

Well thanks to winning just over £4500 in the last three years off them (£2500 of which was on one golf bet), I've got a no lose account of my own, as he won't take any more bets off me.

Lies and bullshit on my screens day after day - won't lay a bet unless Betfair tells them it's ok and if you dare take the best prices or win a few quid then you'll get closed down.

Just a suggestion Victor. Why don't you get your smug face off my telly, you smarmy ****.


DT said...

VC are same as nearly all bookmakers these days not really interested in laying bets to anyone who wins from them.
To be honest I'm surprised you are still getting money on considering amounts you are winning.
I'm down to be offered £1 bets by B365 about a tenner by hills, ladbrokes and can't get any money on with a few others.
IF Stan james follow suit I will be completely stuffed.
Keep up the good work with the blog. Always a good read.

Brian said...

Could not agree with you more. I have had 3 vcbet accounts this week alone closed because of a few tennis wins.

Don't offer the stupid prices if you are not prepared for people to bet on them.

Brian said...

The key is to have plenty of new identities to keep the accounts flowing. Bet365 close you down after 1-2 bets in my experience. The best are corals who restrict to 10% then 1%. You can usually milked then for 10k or more first though.

Marc Owen Banks said...

Great post JP, is it any wonder there is more and more money being played with on the exchanges, you can bet ridiculous amounts and better prices. And the high street bookies have the cheek to bemoan!! One independant i used to use who says he refuses to lay his liability with betfair has pretty much made so many limits in his shop, he has resigned himself to the dozen or so Old boys who play around with £5's here and there and the daily full cover best that still come in for the 5ps and 10p's each way. It seems they have settled for not being bookmakers any longer. there is only one true bookmaker out there now, and that is STAN JAMES, the rest have no right to call themselves as such. A bookmaker lays bets, a business has cost controls in place. Poor show, and big up STAN JAMES.

Changing days said...

Interesting to see the praise for Stan James.

Personally they only let me win a maximum of £200 and have been restricting every single bet I try to put on with them for the last six weeks!

Brian said...


Stan James get real. They restrict you very quickly to a min liability of £200 per selection and then close your account. They are no better than ladbrokes or William Hill or in fact vcbet.

JP said...

Interesting how we have different experiences with these firms.

Think we're all agreed that VC are just c*nts.

As far as Bet365 is concerned, I can't praise them enough. They are bound to stop me at some point but 90% of my business is placed with them and they never cut me back.

I have placed over £100,000 worth of bets with them in the last 3-4 months. So if they do stop me, I will cause me a major problem, at least for now.

Marc, I can't agree with you about Stan James, they have cut me back to the point where I can't use them - will not allow me to WIN more than £20 off any bet (including sports bets). I have a long dormant credit account with them, which I will try and re-activate as it will give me another option further down the line if I can use that.

William Hill won't let me win more than £150 on the net with them, although they increased that for Royal Ascot.

Corals have changed their website recently. Before when you asked for a bet, they would flag up how much you can have on. Now you have to submit your bet and wait for it to come back to you - often with the message "bet slip refused", and they won't tell you how much you can have on so you have to keep repeating the process for smaller amounts until they accept the bet.

Ladbrokes show you what is available at the price when you submit a bet via oddschecker and they let me have 10% of that.

I have credit accounts with all of the big 3 and every bet I make is referred to a trader for approval before it is confirmed.

Can't get anything on with Betfred or Sporting Bet.

Skybet and Blue Square let me have 10% of what is available (but 10% of f*ck all is f*ck all !)

Paddy Power are OK, but don't lay much in the morning.

Can get bits on with Boylesports and Totesport is ok as long as you don't go mad.

It's getting more difficult with every passing week, I have opened accounts with some of the Australian bookmakers and also looking at accounts with some of those firms which are not on oddschecker (Chronicle, Corbett etc).

Also got a few people who will help me out with accounts in their names when the time comes.

Won't let these b*stards beat me !

Brian Coplin said...

That's the spirit. Something has to be going down with vcbet. Another account closed today they are getting as bad as bet365 who are the worse. I am amazed you can get bets on with them. I assumed you had a shop local. Would you consider an offer to put bets on at bet365 with your account?

JP said...

Hi Brian,

Much as I'd like to help my 365 account is pretty much enabling me to do this fairly easily at the moment, although sometimes I have to compromise on the prices, so I need to look after it best I can.

I think we should all just shout as loud as possible about what is going on with these shyster firms and hope that our voice will be heard.

I'd like nothing more than to wipe that smirk of smug Victor's chops !

It would be to much to hope that they're going down ?!