Monday, 31 August 2009

A few changes

Making a few changes to the portfolio to take me through the next few months.

As you will already have seen, I have joined three football services for the new season - two of which are already up and running and the first bets from the third, Winabobatoo should appear within the next week.

Isiris racing resume action tomorrow, and I've rejoined. At the moment I'm unsure as to how I will play their bets - I struggled to get on the each way account bets even before I started getting restricted to the extent I am now, so it may well be that I will be trading most of these selections on Betfair - it depends how the market responds to this service. I have an open mind at the moment as to which way I go.

I've also joined the Punter Profits site, and will be adding their information to my daily bets. Will probably take me a day or so to get myself up to speed with this service.

I've decided that I am dropping the Tipping Legends racing bets with immediate effect. Nothing has really changed since the post I made a few weeks ago, and another losing month has merely confirmed my feelings.

My sub runs out at the end of November but I am stopping now. I will be keeping the golf bets going, and I expect I'll subscribe to the specials next year.

I am also going to stop betting most of the free tips I receive, and I will just keep monitoring these and back them if and when I fancy the selections. I will put these together with various other free sites, tipsters and blogs which are out there along with my own bets.

So that's where I am now, looking forward to getting another good run going before too long and to build on the profits already made so far this year.


Anonymous said...

Hi, great to see your hard work paying off for you.

You mentioned Isiris - is this by special invite only? (their website has not been updated to reflect the service is restarting).

JP said...

Isiris invited previous subscribers to rejoin earlier on this year. As far as I'm aware they will not be advertising for any more clients.