Monday, 24 August 2009

Ryan Moore

Just had a brilliant night watching the golf, as Ryan Moore came from way back to win the Wyndham Championship in a play-off at the third extra hole.

Had given up on winning anything when he made a slow start to his final round, and was still only one under par for his round after 11 holes.

He then rolled in 5 birdies in a row and suddenly he was in the lead !

A bogey at the last seemed to have scuppered his chances, but when Kevin Stadler did the same it was a three way play-off.

Moore had a putt to win it on the first play-off hole, Stadler had a putt for victory on the second, but then Moore birdied the third extra hole to take down the tournament and land me my biggest ever win.

A brilliant tip from Tipping Legends, they've had plenty go very close in the last few months and they got the pay off tonight - fantastic !

Just away to re-work the figures.


Anonymous said...

JB says,
Wonder if that golf bet account will accept another bet from you in your lifetime

Anonymous said...

Well done on Ryan. You've mentioned that a few have gone close for TL Golf. Do you not lay some of the bets off to recoup stakes or green up?

Anonymous said...

well done this week but it seems unbeliveable you doidnt lay off an 84/1 shot at any stage? Not even to protect your stake?

JP said...

Hi JB, all done on Betfair fortunately.

Anon 1 - I never lay the golf bets off. The strike is pretty low (less than 5% winners), and if I do happen to hit a winner then I want to maximise my returns.

Anon 2 - As I just mentioned above, I don't lay off at all - it's just not the way I play the game. If it wins, it wins. If it doesn't then so be it.

Cassini said...

Oh I'd have been tempted to lay off at the start of the play-off... You have bigger balls than me! Well done.

JP said...

Hi Cassini,

As I said previously it's just the way I prefer to play the game.

Plus by the time he got into the play-off I was guaranteed the place money of £1700.

Linked up with your blog, can't understand why I've never done before as I've read it for long enough !

All the best