Monday, 28 September 2009

One bet one winner

Monday 28 September

As anticipated last night it was a very quiet start to the week, with the only bet being advised on the SLH A/W line.

An each way bet on Cheers For Thea at a minimum of 7/1 - backed on the nose as I do with all of these, and the horse won comfortably at an SP of 11/2.

Bets Advised


Cheers For Thea e/w @ min 7/1 - WON (SP 11/2)

Bets Placed

Cheers For Thea £100 back @ 8.2 (net).........690

Profit on day £690


leathehat said...

hey JP keep up the good work

check out my blog doubled my bank inside 3 months will soon be provided text tips, need some publicity can you help!!!!

i'll give you a discount when i go pro!!!!!!

JP said...

Hi Lea,

Had a look at your blog. Fair play mate if you're betting in those amounts.

Not for me to be honest, but it seems to be working for you so good luck with it.

I'll keep reading anyway !!!

All the best