Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Running Late

Not much time tonight but managed to get things back on track today after eight straight losing days, with two winners from TFG at 12/1 and 7/1 (adv) as well as two seconds at 20/1 and 7/1.

First bets from Isiris and Punter Profits were also winners and the other action was a successful lay from SLH.

Will update the full results tomorrow night in addition to Wednesday's results.


dazz said...

how much did you start with in the bank and how much a pt did you start with

JP said...

Hi mate, initially started back in September 2007 with £6000.

Started with £25 per point on each service, but have chopped and changed a fair bit since then.

The £6000 was an arbitary figure really from which I set the staking up - had more available if it were needed, but I immediately went on a winning run and things have moved on from their really.

I ought to make a post about the current staking plan before too long, but it's fairly evident from the daily bet list what I'm doing for each service at the moment.

Anonymous said...

to nathan how are you geting on with winnerform are you in proft with then and how long have you bin with them i can give myemail to you