Saturday, 26 September 2009


I've had one or two comments in the last week or so asking me to explain the current staking plan so I thought I'd do that now while I'm watching the today's racing and Soccer Saturday.

It is pretty straight forward really - I'm using £100 per point on all my racing services with the exception of...

The Form Guru which is £50 per point due to the volume of bets advised

Isiris at £50 per point as the minimum bet size advised is 5 points.

Maths - he has recently changed his advised staking, with the selections being dispensed with and account bets staked at £50 or £100. I am staking my bets at five times that level. Any other bets mentioned in the e-mail will be staked at £20 and so I would have £100 on these.

The Tipping Legends golf service is staked at £100 per point.

Winabobatoo are advised as level stakes and I'm betting these at £200 each.

Football Elite advises most of his bets as 10 pointers, so I play £20 per point so each bet is £200 effectively.

Best Under looks to advise bets at either 5pts or 10pts and I'm currently playing these at £10 per point, so a maximum bet is currently £100.

Any other bets I have, based on information received or my own thoughts are staked at random as you might have noticed - it seems to be working though !

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