Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Tuesday 8 September

Just catching up with yesterday which was another very good day.

SLH had three winners on the day, unfortunately two of them were advised as lays on his exchange service ! However, the win for Bijou Dan ensured it was a profitable day for him.

The Form Analyst managed to spike his recent poor run with Mujood, who prevailed by a head from Satwa Laird - which was put up by TFG.

TFG had Santefisio, advised at 5/1 - was very late getting the message yesterday so had to take 5.3 on Betfair just before the off, I think there might have been a rule 4 from the lunchtime price anyway.

Punter Profits tip was Sarah's Gift, which won the Sedgefield 4.45 - this was one of SLH's lays so ended up losing on the race.

Winabobatoo gave out three bets in the Blue Square Premier on Monday - with Salisbury winning and the other two games finishing 0-0.

I'm going to have an issue getting the prices on the midweek bets here, as the message goes on line Monday when I'm at work and access to their site is blocked. By the time I can access the e-mail an hour later the prices will probably have gone. Won't be an issue for that much longer, but it's a problem for the time being.

Might not be an issue with Premier League or Football League bets but that remains to be seen.

Just have to do the best I can - also need to see if they hold the prices in the shops, which would be the best option I guess.

As for the Salisbury bet, I've put them in an acca with Spain, Germany and The Czech Republic tonight so I need all them to win before I get paid out - did the same to improve the prices on York and Rushden also.

Other action yesterday involved Andy Murray. Isiris advised him as an each way bet at 3/1 to win the tournament on Monday.

Played last night, saw him lose the first set and then go a double break down in the second. Got the Betfair odds up at that point and was amazed I could lay him at 2.6.

Don't know much about tennis trading, but watching the match and Murray's on-court demeanour I just had to lay him at that price - and never had a moments worry as he crashed out 7-5 6-2 6-2.

Bets Advised

SLH Private

Bijou Dan 2pts win @ min 5/1 - WON (SP 5/1)

SLH Exchange

McMurdo Sound 2pts lay @ max 2.0 - WON
Sarahs Gift 2pts lay @ max 3.4 - WON

The Form Analyst

Orchard Supreme 1pt e/w @ 8/1 - 4TH (SP 15/2)
Mujood 1 pt e/w @ 8/1 - WON (SP 8/1)

Chris, The Form Guru

Lahib The Fifth 2pts e/w @ 9/1 - LOST (SP 11/2)
Woody Valentine 1 pt e/w @ 18/1 - LOST (SP 16/1)
Satwa Laird 2pts win @ 13/2 - 2ND (SP 6/1)
Santefisio 2pts win @ 5/1 - WON (SP 7/2)

Punter Profits

Sarah's Gift (system D) - WON (SP 2/1)

Andy Murray 4pts e/w @ 3/1 - LOST


Salisbury (v Grays) - WON 2-0
York (at Barrow) DREW 0-0
Rushden (at Ebbsfleet) - DREW 0-0

Bets Placed

Bijou Dan £200 win @ 11/2...................1100
McMurdo Sound £200 lay @ 1.97...............(194)
Sarahs Gift £200 lay @ 3.19 (rf)............(430)
Orchard Supreme £100 e/w @ 15/2.............(200)
Mujood £100 win @ 9.2.(net)..................790
Mujood £100 place @ 2.88 (net)...............180
Lahib The Fifth £100 e/w on BF (i/r)........(200)
Woody Valentine £50 e/w on BF...............(100)
Satwa Laird £100 win @ 7.4..................(100)
Santefisio £100 win @ 5.3 (net)..............412
Sarahs Gift £100 win @ 3.29..................229
York £200 @ 11/10 in acca...................(200)
Rushden £200 @ 11/10 in acca................(200)
Andy Murray £200 e/w @ 11/4.................(400)
Andy Murray £500 lay @ 2.6 (net).............479

Profit on day £1166


James Stevens said...

The SLH AW service is an absolute disgrace. The strike rate since 1st January 2009 is less than 8%. To my mind that is disgusting. With all the losers that have racked up since May this service is in dire straits. I am dropping it right away. The SLH website is full of inaccurate claptrap. There is no way that to £50 level stakes the AW service is over £1000 in profit as quoted!

Sammie said...

You can use a proxy service at work to access winabobatoo, I do the same! You can assign a country you want the server to proxy your whole connection through, and you can then access any site without restrictions. Personally I use

Anonymous said...

Oi Mate. Can you run us through your staking system? Great blog btw.

Anonymous said...

JB says
Has another in here used Extrabet the fixed odds branch of IG Sport spreadbetting.
Any ideas on maximum stakes allowed and how long will allow account to run

Anonymous said...

shops unlikely to retain there fixed odds football prices, are so much more vigilent nowadays. Paranoid about anyone getting hit for 1 tick of sure win trading off on betfair. Ive know shop to re-print them every hour.Paranoid.

Theres an opportunity for a new bookmaker out there to comeoout and accpet all these peoples high stake bets

Anonymous said...

JB says
Jennings are offering 9/1 on the ladies austrian golf bet, will need to ring them to get it as not published on there website

skybet jokers allowed 25, and no market betfair yet

Jonathan said...

Fantastic blog. Please let me know what the subscription fees are for your various tipsters. That would be useful to know.

JP said...

Hi James,

Can't argue the A/W bets have been disappointing in the last few months, and I am now behind on the year backing win only. According to my figures they are just in profit (about 4.5 points to advised stakes) for the year. Strike rate is 18% (24 wins from 134 bets).


Sammie, I'll look into that but I'm planning to finish work at Christmas so won't have that problem in future.

The prices will probably stand up better away from the Blue Square matches - I achieved prices on 5/6 of the football league matches advised today, but again didn't get on either of the non-league games at the advised prices.

I was 20 minutes late picking up the message - my own fault 'cos I am at home, just haven't quite got Winabob into my routine yet !


Anon #1 - I will do a post on my current staking plan as soon as I get the chance, within next couple of days all being well.


JB, haven't got an account with Extrabet, so can't help there. Will have a look at them, haven't heard anything good or bad.

Also, decided to leave the golf bet alone, declined Skybet's very kind offer of £2 to win @ 12/1 - god knows what they'd offer me if it were a winning account (lost over £1000 with them in 2 years).


Anon #2 - just try and get on best I can. There are at least a few more options with football betting.

I don't think there would be many people willing to step forward with your suggestion though !

Take what we can get I suppose, it isn't that long since we had to bet minimum trebles !


Jonathan, I'll put up a list in the next few days along with the staking plan mentioned earlier - if you click on the links to the sites I use on the blog then pricing details will be available there.


Thanks for all the comments guys, much appreciated !

Anonymous said...

I thought Irisis had closed mate? are you one of the select few of people he kept on..

Have you been to the Doctors yet about that Rash BTW?

JP said...

LOL, you said you wouldn't say anything :-)

He invited all existing subscribers to rejoin this year if the service was to continue, and I put my name down at that point.