Friday, 30 October 2009

Another Friday feast !

Friday 30 October

Another cracking day, with SLH and The Form Guru leading the way today.

SLH had two bets on his mainline. Tarvini was advised at a minimum price of 7/1. Could only get £25 on with the bookies (9/1 with Ladbrokes) so had to take the other £75 on Betfair.

Tarvini drifted like a barge pre-race and I decided to have another £50 on it at 15 pre-race, and try and lay it off in-running. Finally got hit as they turned out of the back straight, as Tarvini gradually worked into the race. The horse then took the lead at the second last and went on to win by a length and a half at an SP of 12/1 !

The second SLH bet was Dawn Ride, had to split the bet four ways to get on - the order I left on Betfair was finally matched just before the race. Was out the back early on and not jumping well and I thought I'd done my money. However his rider got him into the race as they turned for home and was challenging along with Kisha King when that one fell at the last. Stayed on well to take the race on the run-in.

Chris, The Form Guru had a sensational day, but I couldn't get the advised price of 12/1 on Jump Jet and watched that one romp home at half those odds without any of my money on.

In hindsight I should have taken a bit of the 10/1 that was available, but I left an order on Betfair which never got filled and that was that.

Did get on all his other bets, which included Daraz Rose (adv 12/1) and Aaim To Prosper (adv 11/2, got 5/1) which both won, Hawridge King (adv 40/1, not there) and Solway Fair (adv 11/2) both second and Harriet's Girl third at 22/1 advised. Aaim To Prosper and Hawridge King were in the same race !

The prices on these selections are invariably very difficult to obtain (advising prices only available with Sporting Bet for example), certainly to the stakes I want, but I can generally get similar on Betfair so it's not a major issue these days. Only becomes a problem when the price runs away from me like it did on Jump Jet, and I've got to decide how low to go.

The tips themselves are very profitable despite the dizzying ups and downs, great as part of a portfolio such as mine.

Two bets from The Form Analyst today, and two places - thought Evelith Echo would have gone very close to landing the 2.40 at Wetherby had he not blundered at the last, but he was down on his nose and lost momentum and eventually finished third.

Graeme's other bet was Sound Stage - who finished second to the afore mentioned Jump Jet, a sore one that !

Punter Profits had a rare bad day, with Command Marshall (on two systems) and Tanks For That both losing, and Isiris continued their poor recent form with Tora Bora, who ran a shocker at Wetherby.

Two selections from Tipping Legends produced a five point loss, which was a pity as I've reverted back to doing the bets to £100 per point.

Maths had a bit of a novelty bet today featuring three horse in each way doubles and also a small win bet on Headache. Was looking at a half decent payout if Headache could get in the frame, as Ministeroftheinterior was third at 8/1 and Rum King won at 9/1. However despite trading at 13/8 in-running and odds-on in the place market Headache could only manage 5th place. Minimal loss on the bet though.

Winabob has eleven selections this weekend to try and get the season back on track. The first of them, Accrington Stanley looked good to get things off to a great start. That was until ten-man Grimsby equalised in the 95th minute with just about the last kick of the game !

Got a winner with Pricewise Extra today with Teeky. Missed the 5/1, Ladbrokes changed the price between me selecting the horse and submitting it - took their 4/1 but got their BOG SP of 9/2.

Got a decent bet going in the golf on Anthony Kim in the Volvo World Matchplay in Spain. £200 to win @ 14/1 and after he won both his games yesterday, he was sitting pretty at the top of his group and could afford to lose his match with Scott Strange by three shots today and still go through.

Nothing is ever that easy in gambling though, as he missed a putt from inside three feet on the 16th hole to go four down ! He had to win the last hole to go through, and he produced a fantastic third shot to within six feet to win the hole and go through to the semi-finals.

Paul Jones' service is up and running for this NH season, and he's changed things this year whereby he will now be advising ante-post bets midweek using the early prices on the big weekend races during the season.

Obviously my main focus with Paul's service is the ante-post bets for Cheltenham in the New Year, but I'm sure this will be a profitable add-on to that.

Already in a good position for the Charlie Hall Chase, as I'm on each way three places at 10/1 and only five horses have been declared tomorrow. Perhaps even more noteworthy it was Betfred who laid my bet !!!

Should be a very busy weekend, with plenty of football bets advised, the golf and no doubt plenty of action on the horses as well.

Have a great weekend !

Bets Advised

SLH Private

Tarvini 1pt win @ min 7/1 - WON (SP 12/1)
Dawn Ride 2pts win @ min 5/1 - WON (SP 11/2)

The Form Analyst

Evelith Echo 1.5 pts e/w @ 7/1 - 3RD (SP 6/1)
Sound Stage 1pt e/w @ 7/1 - 2ND (SP 5/1)

Chris, The Form Guru

Solway Fair 2pts win @ 11/2 - 2ND (SP 4/1)
Zaaqya 2pts win @ 8/1 - LOST (SP 7/1)
Harriet's Girl 1pt e/w @ 22/1 - 3RD (SP 14/1)
Daraz Rose 1pt e/w @ 12/1 - WON (SP 6/1)
Jump Jet 1pt win @ 12/1 - WON (SP 6/1)
Teenando 1pt win @ 12/1 - LOST (SP 10/1)
Aaim To Prosper 2pts win @ 11/2 - WON (SP 7/2)
Hawridge King 0.5 pts e/w @ 40/1 - 2ND (SP 25/1)

Punter Profits

Command Marshall (sys A and D) - 4TH (SP 7/4)
Tanks For That (sys C) - LOST (SP Evens)


Tora Bora 2pts e/w @ 11/1 - LOST (SP 12/1)

Tipping Legends

Dulcie 2pts win @ 13/2 - LOST (SP 13/2)
Nelson's Spice 3pts win @ 6/1 - LOST (SP 11/2)

Maths Account Bet

3 x £2.50 e/w doubles.
Ministeroftheinterior / Rum King / Headache

Headache £5 win @ 14/1


Accrington Stanley @ 13/8 - DREW 2-2

Bets Placed

Tarvini £25 win @ 9/1 (BOG)...................300
Tarvini £75 win @ 8.6.........................570
Tarvini £50 win @ 15..........................700
Tarvini £50 lay @ 8.6........................(380)
Dawn Ride £114 win @ 6/1 - 7/1................741
Dawn Ride £86 win @ 6.4 (net).................447
Evelith Echo £50 e/w @ 7/1 - 8/1...............24
Evelith Echo £100 e/w on BF (net)..............41
Sound Stage £100 e/w @ 7/1.....................40
Solway Fair £36 win @ 11/2, £64 on BF........(100)
Zaaqya £100 win @ 9.4........................(100)
Harriet's Girl £20 e/w @ 20/1..................60
Harriet's Girl £30 e/w on BF (net).............97
Daraz Rose £50 e/w @ 12/1.....................750
Teenando £50 win @ 13.........................(50)
Aaim To Prosper £100 win @ 5/1................500
Hawridge King £25 e/w on BF @ 34/5.5 (net).....83
Command Marshall £400 win on BF..............(400)
Tanks For That £133 @ 6/4, £67 on BF.........(200)
Tora Bora £100 e/w @ 10/1....................(200)
Dulcie £50 win @ 13/2, £150 on BF............(200)
Nelson's Spice £300 win @ 7..................(300)
Maths 3 x £12.50 e/w doubles...................16
Headache £25 win @ 14/1 - 16/1................(25)
Accrington £200 @ 8/5........................(200)
Personal - Pricwise Extra.....................400
Personal - £10 e/w treble on Maths bet sels...(20)

Profit on day £2578


Anonymous said...

JB says, Saturday
Hope you`ve got on Severio pricewise extra 16/1 14/1 ayr down into @10 -10.5. at current time of 1pm... This is pricewsie at its best...

Michael said...

Nice work JP and a great day for you, i enjoy reading your posts and am seriously thinking about doing something similar to you with this as you seem to be having a successful year. I did something similar one year myself and made a bundle, but thought it was just good luck and stopped, but maybe not!. All the best mate.

AJ said...

Winabobatoo seems to be having a tough time at the moment, when do you decide enough is enough and pull the plug on that service? Football Elite calling Fulham, almost didnt back them but what a result. I still ended up with a small loss on the day mainly thanks to following SLH on his exchange service...

JP said...

Hi JB,

Managed to get the advised prices on both selections today, see how the next couple of days go before I'm back at work for three days next week.


Hi Michael,

Go for it - if you've done it before then you know what is neeeded. Just get yourself organised both financially and timewise and see how you go. If you want any pointers give me a shout. See you have a blog, will add a link on here.

Best of luck.


Hi AJ. It's been a disappointing start that's for sure, but I'm signed up for the season and I intend to see it out. It's my first season, but the service has a good track record and hopefully will turn things round before long. Still six months of the season to go, so not giving up yet.

Must admit though, not sure I feel quite the same about Best Under who are currently on a break. Due to resume next week, but they've made an awful start and at the advised prices of the tips it will take some pulling back. Give it till Christmas and see how things look then.

All the best