Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Bad run goes on

Tuesday 6 October

Six losing days in a row now during which time I've burnt my way through £4560.

Been here a few times before, and I know it will turn again before too long but it's always a test of resolve - and good practice for when I'm full time next year !

Just Isiris and The Form Guru in action today. Isiris had an each way account bet on Lodi at 11/2. Didn't get the clearest of runs through as they came into the final furlong, but the winner made all and was the best on the day - even so it was still frustrating to come second to a 22/1 shot.

Ten points lost by The Form Guru today, two each ways at 14/1 and 9/1 both finishing fourth was the closest I came to getting anything back.

No account bet from Equine but the mention Last Sovereign was unplaced, very well backed though - 8/1 when mentioned down to an SP from 7/2.

No bet either from TFA, the one horse mentioned in his e-mail Dove Cottage won at 5/1 - was going to be a selection but Graeme went cold on it overnight, too many negatives - trainer form, stamina doubt, price too short to take a chance.

Bets Advised


Lodi 4pts e/w @ min 9/2 - 2ND (SP 7/2)

Chris, The Form Guru

Shavanaz 1 pt e/w @ 14/1 - 4TH (SP 17/2)
Timeless Dream 2pts win @ 7/1 - LOST (SP 11/2)
Leftontheshelf 1 pt e/w @ 18/1 (not there, 14/1 best) - LOST (SP 9/1)
Good Buy Dubai 1 pt e/w @ 9/1 - 4TH (SP 9/2)
Markadam 2pts win @ 5/1 - LOST (SP 13/2)

Bets Placed

Lodi £200 e/w @ 11/2...............................20
Shavanaz £50 e/w on BF...........................(100)
Timeless Dream £70 win @ 7/1; £30 win @ 8.3......(100)
Leftontheshelf £50 e/w on BF.....................(100)
Good Buy Dubai £50 e/w on BF.....................(100)
Markadam £50 win @ 5/1; £50 win @ 6.0............(100)
Personal - Last Sovereign (EI mention) @ 8.6......(50)

Loss on day £530


Mick said...


Good luck for next year mate when you're at it full-time, especially with getting on. I reckon you may need some new trainers and a fast car!
I'm combining a couple of services with my own stuff and some daily trading now to make a living. It's been a slow but steady start and I'm hoping to get a few decent breaks after the year I've had but I'm not holding my breath.

Good luck anyway mate,


leathehat said...

hey jp. the good days will return soon just keep going. Love the blog, have even went back to when you started.

my blog is over 14K in profit inside 3 ish months. Nearly a substancial loss until sea the stars came in well.. must have been great to be there.

will soon be providing free texts if you are interested. i would like you to follow, but my betting approach may not suit you until you pack in work.

i find going round the shops allows me to spread the money, but to be honest its a bit of a shit on. have a range on internet accounts in friends and family names, i can give you the heads up on my approach, but you probabley have your own.

good luck

keeping going


JP said...

Hi Mick,

Good to hear from you mate, and hope all is OK with you.

Yeah, the getting on is the tricky bit - when I'm at work now I pretty much have to everything on Betfair as I don't have the time to re-submit everything that gets knocked back.

I'm sure I'll need to make some changes to the way I play the game next year, but I'll deal with that when the time comes.

You keep plugging away with what you're doing and I'm sure you'll do great.

Keep in touch


Hi Lea,

I've got used to dealing with the ups and downs so it doesn't bother me like it used to. Had plenty of good times this year so just look forward to the next good run.

It was great to be in Paris to watch Sea The Stars do the business - looks like you needed that one !

I'll keep an eye on what you're doing - it's a long term game though, don't have to get it all at once.

Half the battle is staying in the game when it's not going well, sure you'll do OK.

Be lucky