Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Bad start to the week

Monday 5 October

Not too much action on Monday, none at all would have been preferable as it turned out !

Both Equine Investments and The Form Analyst are on losing runs at present after great results during the summer, and they both extended those sequences by tipping up Earlsmedic at Warwick.

Listened to the commentary on my mobile while waiting at Kings Cross station, had to keep my thoughts in check a bit as I didn't want to draw any attention to myself !

Sounded good for a while with the horse leading until a furlong out (traded 1.6 in running) before fading into fourth place, particularly galling as TFA advised it each way - must have traded very short in the place market.

Maths was also in action on Monday, picking two against the front of the market in the Pontefract 3.10 Yorgunnabelucky and Laudatory - again listened to the commentary and Yorgunnabelucky set off in front (lit up by the first time headgear according to the commentary) and was chased by Laudatory. Seems they set the race up for the closers as they eventually finished fifth and sixth of six !

The only return on the day was on EI's mention - a split stake on Muftarres (winner) and Brere Davis in the Warwick 4.50.

Another poor day though.

Bets Advised

Equine Investments

Earlsmedic 1pt win @ 5/1 - 6/1 - 4TH (SP 5/2)

The Form Analyst

Earlsmedic 1.5 pts e/w @ 5/1 - 4TH (SP 5/2)

Maths Account Bet

3.10 Pontefract
£30 Yourgonnabelucky @ 11/1 / £20 Laudatory @ 6/1 - LOST 9/1 / LOST 5/1

Bets Placed

Earlsmedic £100 win @ 9/2....................(100)
Earlsmedic £150 e/w on BF....................(300)
Yorgonnabelucky £150 back @ 10.5.............(150)
Laudatory £100 back @ 6.39...................(100)
Personal - 4.50 Warwick (net)..................96

Loss on day £554

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