Friday, 9 October 2009

Chjimes of doom.

Friday 9 October

Nine days into October and I still haven't had a winning day - pretty sure that's the worst run I've had since I started doing this just over two years ago.

The day started off well enough, but Chjimes was the key horse to my fortunes today - the second leg of two each way doubles, the first parts of which had both won and looking at a payout of over £4500 if he could get his head in front. It wasn't to be though as Chjimes ran like a drain, shuffled back through the field and didn't pick up when asked and could only manage sixth place.

The Form Analyst put up a one point each way double on Some Touch and Chjimes. Some Touch ran a great race, led all the way and kept finding to fend off his rivals - winning at an SP of 6/1. All for nothing though as Chjimes couldn't do the business.

It could have been a fantastic week for TFA as Graeme's been reading the races very well again after a really bad run. Four winners mentioned in the daily e-mails, unfortunately none of them for the account, but if he can keep finding horses like this then we'll get back to where he was a couple of months ago.

I'll leave TFA for today with a line from the analysis of Chjimes race - "Keep an eye on Lucky Leigh here also. That was my first port of call but it ran appallingly when it ran at Kempton and never went a yard on the polytrack. I do think this is very well handicapped though and it wouldn't surprise me to see it return to form sooner rather than later." For those who don't know, Lucky Leigh won the race at 25/1 ! After the week I've had, I really didn't need that.

The other each way double was a mention from Maths - the first leg being Timepiece which won at 5/2, and you know the rest.

Equine Investments only bet of the day was Red Jade, advised win and each way at 7/1 - finished third.

SLH had Todber on his A/W line, finished unplaced just ahead of Chjimes !

Punter Profits gave out Nudge And Nurdle, who finished second to TFA's Some Touch.

Finally TFG had the only winner of the day which actually counted with Felday at York. He also found Hotham each way, beaten a neck at 16/1.

Anyway, despite all the reverses this week, I start again from zero tomorrow morning and wait to see what the day brings. It can't get much worse !

Bets Advised


Todber win bet @ 9/2 - LOST (SP 8/1)

High Class Equine

Excellent Vision 1pt e/w - 3RD (SP 11/2)

Equine Investments

Red Jade 0.5 pts win, 0.5 pts e/w @ 7/1 - 3RD (SP 5/1)

The Form Analyst

Some Touch / Chjimes 1pt e/w dbl @ 6/1 4/1 - WON (6/1) / LOST (4/1)

Punter Profits

Nudge And Nurdle - System D - 2ND (SP 6/4)

Chris, The Form Guru

Felday 2pts win @ 5/1 - WON (SP 11/2)
Silver Rime 1pt e/w @ 12/1 - LOST (SP 12/1)
Valatrix 2pts win @ 17/2 - LOST (SP 14/1)
Hotham 1pt e/w @ 16/1 - 2ND (SP 16/1)
Mandurah 1 pt e/w @ 22/1 - LOST (SP 20/1)
Red Jade 2pts win @ 15/2 (not there) - 3RD (SP 5/1)

Bets Placed

Todber £50 win @ 9/2, £50 on BF..............(100)
Excellent Vision £50 e/w on BF (net)...........(3)
Red Jade £50 win, £50 e/w @ 7/1...............(13)
Some Touch / Chjimes £100 e/w dbl............(200)
Nudge And Nurdle £100 win @ 2/1..............(100)
Felday £100 win @ 6.0 (net)...................480
Silver Rime £50 e/w @ 12/1...................(100)
Valatrix £100 win @ 9.42.....................(100)
Hotham £50 e/w @ 16/1.........................150
Mandurah £50 e/w on BF.......................(100)
Red Jade £100 win @ 6.6......................(100)
Personal - EI mentions.......................(100)
Maths mention - Timepiece/Chjimes............(100)
Maths mention - other........................(100)

Loss on day £486


RaceBets said...

JP you need to come over to FormBet mate and check out Neil's 2yo ratings and my handicap ratings mate :-) Had a few tricasts up the last few days, plenty of exacta's and even a yankee/lucky-15 up last week and it's all FREE.

Dave @ FormBet

Anonymous said...

JB says,
JP just thought id mention something ive been doing last few months. Pricewise extra subscription serivce from racingpost. There selection are online at 12noon...within mins odds crash, simiar if not even more than a good 8/1 9/1 SLH Private bet. They always have one bet per day. plenty of opportunity of free bet for noting, can usally muster upto 100GBP at least on the bets sometime 500GBP and can lay off at betair intial stake for a free bet. Theyservice operates at a profit in its own right as a pure betting serivce but ideal for the odds movement. Can soon accumlate a thousand or so profit in a week as if losing bet just stand still.

JP said...

Hi Dave,

Got you linked up, but must admit I haven't really had a good look at what you've got going there.

I'll take some time to have a good look round !


Hi JB,

Thanks for that, but whether I could make that work with the state of my accounts at the moment is debateable.

Something I can have a look at though so thanks for the hint !