Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Getting worse !

Wednesday 7 October

The damage now stands at over £5000 in the first seven days of October, with more losses today.

Could have been very different though.

SLH had a rare afternoon callback, but decided against putting up The Snail as an account bet due to the changing going conditions and his belief that the horse preferred faster ground.

The Snail was also mentioned in The Form Analyst's e-mail today, but at the time the message went out the price of 7/2 was considered too short.

Of course with the way things are running just at the moment The Snail won at 11/2 - by more than 20 lengths !

The bets which did go on the account merely added to the current bad run. The Form Guru advised eight horses, all unplaced for a loss of 12 points, the one lucky break for me was I didn't get my bets matched on the last one.

SLH had two out of three correct lays on his exchange line. Unfortunately the third lay, Folk Tune won to wipe out the profit made on the first two - in fact a small loss after commission.

The SLH all weather horse was Newton Circus, advised each way at 6/1 and finishing third having traded at 1.25 in-running (one of four horses to trade odds-on during the race).

Only other play today was on the mentions in Maths e-mail, but nothing doing there either.

Another bad run well under way, but I'm pretty used to it now. Not made any progress in the last five or six weeks, and over £7000 off the peak for the year.

It was about this time last year I re-started betting after an extended holiday and went on a great run to the end of the year. There's no reason why that shouldn't happen again, but there's no guarantee that it will. It may be that the Ryan Moore victory was indeed the high point of the year.

I don't believe it was, and I'm sure I'll be back to winning ways soon enough.

The racing info is still there - plenty of the mentions have been winning, it's just getting them on the account that has proved difficult in the last few weeks !

See what happens tomorrow !

Bets Advised

SLH Exchange

Rate Field 1pt lay @ max 5.0 - LOST
Talimos 1pt lay @ max 3.25 - LOST
Folk Tune 1pt lay @ max 3.0 - WON


Newton Circus e/w bet @ 6/1 - 3RD (SP 5/1)

Chris, The Form Guru

Picnic Party 2pts win @ 7/1 - LOST (SP 9/2)
Fair Shake 1 pt e/w @ 20/1 - LOST (SP 14/1)
Tootsie Too 1 pt e/w @ 16/1 - LOST (SP 14/1)
Muraweg 1pt win @ 8/1 - LOST (SP 7/1)
Special Reserve 1pt win @ 9/1 - LOST (SP 9/1)
Diamanpeg 1pt win @ 8/1 - LOST (SP 8/1)
Allez Frank 1pt win @ 9/1 - LOST (SP 8/1)
Flashy Photon 1pt e/w @ 20/1 - LOST (SP 8/1)

Bets Placed

Rate Field £100 lay @ 4.9 (net)...................96
Talimos £100 lay @ 3.2 (net)......................96
Folk Tune £100 lay @ 3.0........................(200)
Newton Circus £100 win @ 6/1....................(100)
Picnic Party £100 win on BF.....................(100)
Fair Shake £50 e/w @ 20/1.......................(100)
Tootsie Too £50 e/w on BF.......................(100)
Muraweg £50 win @ 8/1............................(50)
Special Reserve £50 win on BF....................(50)
Diamanpeg £50 win @ 8/1..........................(50)
Allez Frank £50 win @ 9/1........................(50)
Personal - Maths mentions.......................(100)

Loss on day £708


WhoTheHeck said...

Im pretty early on in what Im doing and have some decent success on a smaller scale but yesterday had a very bad day, lost about 8% of my bank although as long as things get back to normal that will take me about a week to recover.
Im not yet completely convinced that my little system will actually work long term which has me slightly nervous.
Does a bad losing run spook you or are you confident enough in what you are doing to just roll with it?

Anonymous said...

SLH behaved like a total dick today. Why the fuck doesn't he tell you the horse at 1pm that he is considering for the later race? He is fucking me about with his 'rare' call backs. Wasting my time with his tomfoolery. Anyway, I backed the horse so won nicely. The rain wasn't bad. I live in Totnes nearby whereas Steve is up in Liverpool - he has no idea.

JP said...


Good to see you. Can normally cope with the bad runs pretty well, I have to as they come along regularly enough although today (Thursday) was pretty hard to take !

I'll have a read of your blog tomorrow, and I'll exchange links with you as well.

Best of luck to you.


Hi anon,

I get some stupid comments posted on here every now and again and yours is right up there.

Of course he's not going to put the horse out early if he's got major doubts about whether it will act on the likely going at racetime.

Can't see what you're complaining about, it's not as if you're being asked to call back again every single day.

From what you've written you obviously haven't been with him very long, so I guess you're losing at the moment.

If he called it wrong yesterday fair enough, you backed it - well done.

Been with him two years and made plenty of money following his advice.

He's pretty successful really for someone who has no idea !