Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bloody Irritating !!!

Thursday 5 November

The Form Guru certainly has the golden touch at the minute - an each way bet on Wide Receiver advised at 20/1, and the luckiest winner you will ever see.

Unfortunately I wasn't as lucky - stuck at work again, and very busy, with only Betfair mobile as a means of getting on. Left an order in at 21, but the horse was very well backed and by the time I went for lunch about ten minutes before the race the price had run away from me - SP was 17/2.

In the race Uncle Eli tried to refuse at the final fence, fell and brought down Qualypso D'Allier. The pair were about 15 lengths clear at the time, and that left Mr Ironman in front.

However Wide Receiver wore him down on the run in and won having looked to have no chance.

Wasn't my day really, just ten minutes before that SLH advised a lay of Riptide at Haydock at a maximum price of 2.9. Was already trading above this price when I submitted the bet and never came back down. Finished second so another £200 went begging there - what was worse Punter Profits advised Riptide as a bet, and as they don't specify prices I got on @ 2.72 no problem !!!

As you know I'm leaving my job next month, so was busy today handing things over to colleagues. That meant I had very little chance to check how things were going during the afternoon, and it was all a bit of a mess really. Suffice to say got matched in full on most of the losers, and part matched on the only other horse which produced a return - Ballymorn advised each way @ 12/1 and finished third.

Going through a spell of missing winners just lately, think I've missed four in the last month, which is probably as many as I've missed all year. There's nothing worse in this game really. In effect it's only the same as getting chinned on the line, but it somehow doesn't feel like that. Maybe it's just me !

Anyway, missing out on those two turned what would have been a marginal losing into a pretty bad one. Shit happens !

At least I'm at home tomorrow, and only have a few more days to work spread over the next 4-5 weeks. Can't come soon enough.

Bets Advised

SLH Exchange

Riptide 2pt lay @ max 2.9 - LOST


Autumn Blades e/w @ 8/1 - 2ND (SP 11/2)

Maths Account Bet

Tabaran £50 win @ 7/2 - 3RD (SP 11/4)

Chris, The Form Guru

Wide Receiver 1pt e/w @ 20/1 - WON (SP 17/2)
According To John 3pts win @ 4/1 - 3RD (SP 7/2)
Ballymorn 1pt e/w @ 12/1 - 3RD (SP 7/1)
L'Homme De Nuit 1pt win @ 8/1 - LOST (SP 6/1)
Little Carmella 1pt win @ 10/1 - LOST (SP 10/1)

Punter Profits

Riptide (system C) - 2ND (SP 5/2)


Hector's Choice 5pts win @ 2/1

Tipping Legends

According To John 2pts win @ 4/1 - 3RD (SP 7/2)
Hector's Choice 3pts win @ 2/1 - LOST (SP 15/8)
H Choice / Wizard Of Us 1pt st f/cast - LOST

Bets Placed

Autumn Blades £79.76 win on BF (£20 u/matched)........(80)
Tabaran £150 win @ 4.5 (£100 unmatched)..............(150)
According To John £150 win on BF.....................(150)
Ballymorn £50 win, £35.33 pl @ 3.5 (rest u/m, net).....35
L'Homme De Nuit £24.94 on BF (£25.06 u/m).............(50)
Little Carmelle £50 win @ 11..........................(50)
Riptide £200 win @ 2.72..............................(200)
Hector's Choice £250 win @ 3.05......................(250)
According To John £200 win @ 5.0.....................(200)
Hector's Choice £300 win @ 3.0 - 3.05................(300)
Hector's Choice / Wizard Of Us £100 s/fc.............(100)

Loss on day £1495


trigster said...

Hi mate,
Not convinced whether you being at work is the only reason you're 'missing out' on the winners . The issue you still haven't resolved is the bookies accounts being closed down . Backing successful tipsters' horses on Betfair is very difficult for obvious reasons - for example if you had been at home would you have taken the shortening price on the Towcester winner or left as not being value as you have done in the past ? Won't have been much available at the bigger prices .

Good Luck

mrh-beats said...

Hey JP,

Not sure I can work out if trigster is being a smart arse or not but he does raise a valid point about successful tipsters and bookie restrictions.

This is one of the reasons I'm reluctant to up my stakes. I've commented before about and they're way of doing business.

More recently I've used Paddy Power for about 2 months now and i'm about evens with them but they have already started restricting bets that i put through bet2go or oddschecker. SLH bets only as well!

Interestingly they don't restrict when i bet direct with them.

Dunno what your thoughts are, JP, but interested to get your view.

Keep up the good work - bet you can't wait to finish work!


JP said...

Hi mate,

I could do with a new Bet365 account and a more useable William Hill account, but I can manage without VC, Stan James, Betfred, Skybet, Sporting Bet etc who are all a waste of space. Corals will only lay a bet when they are under the Betfair price so I don't bother with them either - got sick of seeing "Can't proceed - bet slip refused".

That horse yesterday was still available at 20/1 half an hour after it was given out and was 16/1 generally according to oddschecker, but I didn't have access to that information.

It's not usually a problem as I try and arrange my lunch around the message times but I only got out of work 10 minutes before the race by which time the price had gone.

Just one of those days really.

trigster said...

Certainly not being a 'smartarse' - not sure how it came across as that . Apologies if it did JP .
I had also found B365 by far the most accommodating too until a few dog tips i received were hammered before the off (- even though they didn't win!)put paid to that . Finding it impossible to get another one opened.
For what it's worth, I don't think Ladbrokes are as bad as the others you mention.
Good Luck

brian said...

I have found in the past that Oddschecker bets,definitely get cut back,so, I view them ,then go directly to the website,far better chance of getting a bet on.
But like you i have used SLH & Isiris,and bets are severely restricted,not always rejected,but they offer you £10/£25 just to piss you off or allow you the win bet but not the place bet.
Bet off of my own form thoughts these days,and still get restricted by Coral,Tote,VC,and P/Power.W/out a doubt Bet365 are the bravest .
Good Luck hope all works out for you!

JP said...

Hi Malcolm,

You're reading trigster wrong, he's one of the good guys.

Placing the bets directly on the site rather than through oddschecker is a good idea - you don't want them to think that you might know what you are doing ! They don't like that.

You're doing well to get SLH bets on with Paddy Power as they slash the prices as quick as anyone.

It's also more to do with what you're betting rather than how much I think.

Just try and spread things around the accounts you currently have and it'll keep you going a bit longer.

JP said...

Hi trigster,

Didn't come across like that mate so don't worry.

Bet365 were great while it lasted, but just logged in one day and the takeout limit was down to £30.

Most of my recent bets have been with Ladbrokes and Totesport, and as you say Ladbrokes are fair enough really.

Hills and Corals websites are disgusting. Every other bookmaker tells you how much they will let you have on - even if it's just a quid. But these two, Hills keep you on hold for 5 minutes and then give you f*ck all and Corals "bet slip refused" all the time - what a load of sh*t !!!

Looks like my Coral account is effectively closed. Got a mention (not an account bet) from one of my tipsters. It was 4/1. Trying to get £50 on it. Went to Corals for the last £6.25 @ 4/1 (on Betfair at 5.3) and they've refused it !

Why don't they just close the damn thing then instead of dicking me around like that.

Obviously they don't want to be seen to close down winning accounts, so they just make them unusable. I've only actually had one account closed - VC, but many of the others are unusable.


Hi Brian,

Just have to get on what they'll allow you to have. Nature of the game unfortunately. They only want mugs or losers, but come on the telly everyday lying through their teeth that things are different. Would love to see the FOBT machines taxed out of existance and see what the parasites do then !

trigster said...

Agree with most on there but intrigued about Toteport .I assume you're not Best Odds with them ? I checked my returns on a bet last week hadn't been paid Best Odds . After ringing in the next morning i was told 'Are you aware your account is a winning one? So you don't get the Best odds anymore' 'Thanks for telling me in advance' i said !
Be careful with them

mrh-beats said...

Much apologies to you for that. I picked your comments up wrongly. There's so many folk out there trying to knock people i get frustrated.

Jp - thanks for the advice.

Sorry again

trigster said...

I certainly understand your point Malcolm.
All the very best for the weekend